When desire strikes you—a strong feeling in your conscious mind of wanting something or wishing for something to happen—consider it a gift from a greater energy: Source, God, Spirit, Buddha, Nature, or other name of your choosing. Latin in origin, desire derives its meaning from two syllables. De meaning “of”; sire meaning “the father.”  Your desire—a relationship, access to optimum health, a new job, yearned-for experience, unique material goods, or the realization of a dream—is “of the father.” A higher power has already created it in your sub and superconscious areas of mind, and the desire is complete and fully available for you to choose. Once chosen, it is a matter of pursuing the desire. Sounds like a simple venture, right?

Last summer, I chose to meet with organizational leaders about my desire to bring an hour-long, interactive death and dying presentation to selected venues in Northfield. I shared an outline for the presentation with each leader. Out of fourteen contacts, I secured only three engagements. Two others, who had declined, indicated that their personal response would be a definite yes; however, the 3D world held them accountable for responding to me on behalf of their parishioners and culture. Death and dying are sensitive topics.

Suddenly, my desire did not seem simple at all. It felt more like an insurmountable wall. Oops, is that possibility thinking? Do I want to invite more “insurmountable wall” results? I quickly reframed my thought: my presentations are becoming a bridge of welcoming energy.

As in everything, I have a choice. I could simply accept the direction of my seemingly unpopular desire—few wanted to learn about or prepare for end-of-life living. OR, I could drift along and opt to have the universe spread the word—Ho-hum! OR, with conviction, I could stay in ownership of my conscious choice—my desire to offer interactive death and dying presentations. Not one to give up, I am sure you know my chosen direction.

Audiences exist that are open-minded to learning about factual and energetic ways of being with death and dying. My conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects of mind agree. I ignore the 3D world of appearances and hasty observations. My heart knows that conversations, facts, and wisdom around death can offer clarity and comfort to those who are feeling overwhelmed by fear, false information, and miscommunication.

I choose my desire day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month. Bringing this dream to people, I witness walls becoming bridges. The mystery of altered reality continues its welcome.

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