Announcing Barbara’s Sacred Bonds® Book SeriesSeeking Light,

Gathering Light and Becoming Light


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What keeps you up at night about loss, death, and dying? Sacred Bonds: Seeking Light, Gathering Light, Becoming Light are your companions when you want to shift and transform your fears and anxieties around these taboo topics and move toward ease and peace of mind. Glimpse the most important journey of your life—embracing loss, death, and dying—through stories, prose poems, dialogues, meditations, and letters. Full-color nature photographs and guided activities enhance textual meaning.

Creating a sacred bond—a revered commitment—means deeply exploring your relationships with your higher power; with your ego; with other energies and matter; and with loss, death, and dying. Cultivating these relationships leads to living life more fully.

External observations, internal pondering, and integrating change expands your awareness as you are seeking, gathering, and becoming light through this book series. Themes of Revelation, Release, and Remergence are common threads.

Symbolism is important and amplifies our memory. A universal lotus flower symbolizes growth in awareness around self, loss, death, and dying. The spiral represents our personal spiritual journey, and the sun reflects our ever-increasing understanding. Engaging in a relationship with death and dying makes us feel like we have some autonomy.

Not doom and gloom, this is the start of looking at loss, death, and dying differently. We prepare for every other milestone in life—why not see death and dying as part of the natural lifecycle? This delicate time of life does not represent failure, as many believe; rather, it is a time for sharing the sacred: love, forgiveness, bonding, personal insights, and wordless support.

Upcoming Events

November 17, 2023 – Northfield MN Public Library – 10am to 11:30am True Stories of Loss, Death and Dying: Bring light into a dark place. Experience a compelling, yet tender exploration of death and dying awareness. Divinely inspired, Sacred Bonds®: Seeking Light, Gathering Light, Becoming Light offers personal stories, prose poems, meditations, mystical letters from the Bridges Collection, color nature photographs, and guided activities. Come and explore with Barbara.

December 9, 2023 – Simple Soaps for Simple Folks (6251 Co Rd 105 NW, Byron, MN 55920), Saturday, 1pm to 2:30pm. $15 in advance, $20 at the door — Transforming Grief and Loss: Tips for the Holidaze. Difficult times can be transformative. Learn effective, meaningful tips and rituals to balance holiday grief. All are welcome.

December 15, 2023 – Northfield MN Public Library10am to 11:30am Transforming Grief and Loss: Tips for the Holidaze. Difficult times can be transformative. Learn effective, meaningful tips and rituals to balance holiday grief. All are welcome. Free and open.



Interview with Paula Granquist on KYMN Radio

On June 2, 2023, Barbara was interviewed by Paula Granquist. Each week Paula interviews creative people in the Northfield community. To hear the interview click on the button below.

A Divine Spirit Network (DSN) interview with Orgena Rose: Producer, TV Host, Vocalist, Playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker and Award-Winning Voice and Visibility Expert (Click Here to see the interview )

At In the Thick of Things, we offer opportunities for exploration and respite and, in the process, your level of consciousness is revealed. Our Teachable courses and multiple services contain the tools for spiritual self-discovery to help you come to terms with your mortality in a reassuring and peaceful way. It is an opportunity to slow down, ponder, and discover who you really are without all your labels, such as parent, child, spouse, career definition – the list goes on. When you pay attention to your Source energy, you discover your true self and what really matters in life – transformation happens and peace of mind takes hold. This journey is the most important one of your lifetime.

Start by going to our Services page to see our many offerings to help you with loss, death, and dying. You’ll find content that is yours for a lifetime, videos, and self-study.

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Remergence Workshops

I was so moved in the presentation of everything is energy. I learned of other methods of burial, death, loss, and that change is growth. I loved the PowerPoint slides. It made the flow easy to follow. I love the way the class shifted to accommodate everyone. I will use the pre-work activities again to see my growth. It made me think. The program was so valuable for the emotional and evolving space I am in. Helped me more than words can say!


Confidential  Conversations 

Thank you! I’ve had a great cognitive and emotional breakthrough thanks to you.


Remergence Workshops

Certainly I felt “shifted” by this work in a positive way. I valued the questions posed, activities suggested, and tying it all into the Chakra Centers. I like your calm and inviting teaching style, and you inspired my thinking along these lines. I valued my experience in taking this class and am interested in taking the next program.


Remergence Workshops

The workbook is an incentive to pursue your careful, meticulous, even rigorous program to focus on end-of-life issues with less fear and apprehension.


Remergence Workshops

I know the concept of greater energy…but this course helped me identify the work I have yet to do. Wonderful meditations and list of resources to explore!


Remergence Workshops

This course was so much more than I expected. I feel less separation in life. This incredible experience has put me on a new journey.


Remergence Workshop

We took the Remergence Workshops in 2018, and now, three years later, we face the reality of Mark’s mortality. Those workshops really helped us to make some hard decisions and deeply explore our feelings. Mark signed the POLST (Physician-Written Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and is now DNR/DNI status. The work you did to create such a special avenue to verbalize, we are at peace. THANK YOU!!