Life happens. You’re in the thick of things—sometimes up to your ears in alligators. Are you there, Source? you wonder. Are you frustrated when life seems to foil your expectations and you want them your way? Do you feel alone in your suffering? Do you wonder if there is more to the universe than just the obvious? A greater energy is always around and within when you know how to look.

“in the thick of things,” a website of spiritual self-discovery, is designed to offer opportunities for exploration and respite as your consciousness is revealed. Demanding, yet worth every moment of self-examination, this journey of commitment is the most important one of your lifetime. It is an opportunity to slow down, ponder, and discover who you are without all your labels. When you pay attention to your external life, witness the internal effects of an energy greater than you are, and integrate your findings, you discover your true Self and what really matters in life. You are the champion of your own transformation.

Blessings, Barbara