We hold the vision of a world where everyone values death as much as birth.

In the Thick of Things. Doesn’t that expression summarize your life?

Most of the time, you are in the midst of drama and minute-to-minute decisions. No time for little or insignificant things like arranging flowers, daydreaming, or spending time in nature. Gotta keep moving and focused—that’s the kind of productivity society expects, right? Why? Because productivity is accepted by many as the way to define success: competition, money, outward appearances, and complete involvement, even if accompanied by total overwhelm. Pause! What if success could be defined so that heartfelt, important things were not forgotten?

At the heart of In the Thick of Things we begin with love, kindness, guidance, commitment, and healing. These interactions are at the center of all of our offerings. You explore the unknowns around loss, death, and dying through the familiar lenses of connections, courage, communications, and spiritual empowerment. While you’re still able to make decisions about your end-of-life wishes, NOW is the ideal time to prepare for matters of loss, death, and dying. With the groundwork completed, you live more fully and peacefully.

You don’t know your expiration date. Therefore, preparation is an important gift for you and for your family. Once you’ve decided the important things and gathered required information, a joyous freedom and contentment await you. You’ve reached the “ease” in reframing end-of-life living. It’s about slowing down and drawing on your inner wisdom, shifting and transforming your fears and pain, and gaining peace of mind. It’s about balancing the present and the future. It’s about respecting death as a natural companion and teacher.

We hold the vision of a world where everyone values death as much as birth as a way to accept the natural cycle of life. Appreciation of death as a time of compassion, bonding, mystery, and sacredness demonstrates growth in awareness and love. It is a time for letting go: no control, no comparisons, no expectations. Only an open heart and mind to welcome the journey.

One symbol for this journey is the lotus flower. We chose to put this on our website since it symbolizes the personal spiritual rebirth of our awareness and growing consciousness. Seeing images in symbol form helps us to understand our nature easily.

The three distinct forms of the lotus flower are: a tightly wrapped bud, making its way to the surface to soak in the wisdom of light; a vibrant blossom, unfolding in knowledge and experience; and a mature, light-filled and resilient flower in full bloom, expanding with insight and understanding. We describe these three forms of the lotus to represent Revelation, Release, and Remergence®. The final form, Remergence, is the process of becoming whole and is the driving force that is the foundation of the work we do in our workshops – hence the workshop title: Remergence Workshops. These symbols support the inner work that is calling to you.


We are like the lotus. The lotus’ journey from darkness into light represents our path toward greater healing, awakening, and becoming. The lotus begins as a seed in mud and murk at the bottom of a pond, always mindfully moving toward the light, despite what it encounters. Once above water, the bud expands, into a breathtaking, light-filled flower. In the evening, the flower closes and returns to the pond, only to repeat its journey to the light the next morning.

The lotus’ journey from darkness into light symbolizes our awareness unfolding when we choose to awaken our true selves. In the same way, each day we have the opportunity to move through our own “muck” in life to experience new ways of becoming in tune with ourselves and remembering our connection to our source energy. Every day, we can choose a greater quality of life by accessing a more thorough understanding of who we really are. This awareness clears our “mucky” way of looking at life. We now see our life through new perspectives by letting go of old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us and that keep us rooted in the darkness of the past. We can now see the “light” that the present holds for us.


Like the lotus releases itself from the mud each day, you too, have the opportunity to release yourself from and overcome life’s perceived obstacles. You learn that you can weather challenges with the help of gratitude, mindfulness, intentions, and the knowledge that your inner source energy accesses your highest good. The lotus unfolds one petal at a time; likewise, you can overcome adversities to find your potential and purpose in the universe.

The information that you discover about your perceptions is based on observing without judgement. This awareness keeps you anchored and gives you strength, peace of mind, and comfort.


The sacred, ancient spiral, backlit against the sun, symbolizes Source. The spiral represents life change, beginning at your core and continuing to evolve and magnify outwardly. You change from the inside, out. The light is goodness, hope, and the strength to endure struggles and life lessons, and this light is your creativity and the optimism you can access.

Our programs help you to realize the abundant, constant love that is always available within you. You and Source energy are one and the same and this energy contains everything and everyone. This insight helps you to appreciate your life and its sacredness, and helps you to deepen your connections individually and within your community. At In the Thick of Things, we show you how to open your heart to awaken, access greater healing, understand what mortality is, and find the calm state available inside of you.

About Barbara Krause

Having worked with hundreds of clients for over the last decade, I have learned that knowledge and conversations shift and transform their fears and anxieties. I help people heal and awaken to their innate wisdom through divinely inspired conversations and narratives, certified death midwife companionship, energy healing, and intuition. Meditations, contemplation, research, experiences, and inquiries have shaped my understanding of loss, death, and dying. My best work often comes to me at 4 A.M. with divine nudges that lead to blog topics or methods of assisting a client. I am deeply grateful for Source, the energy in my life, and for this calling. I can’t wait to meet you!

Remergence Workshops

I was so moved in the presentation of everything is energy. I learned of other methods of burial, death, loss, and that change is growth. I loved the PowerPoint slides. It made the flow easy to follow. I love the way the class shifted to accommodate everyone. I will use the pre-work activities again to see my growth. It made me think. The program was so valuable for the emotional and evolving space I am in. Helped me more than words can say!


Confidential  Conversations 

Thank you! I’ve had a great cognitive and emotional breakthrough thanks to you.


Remergence Workshops

Certainly I felt “shifted” by this work in a positive way. I valued the questions posed, activities suggested, and tying it all into the Chakra Centers. I like your calm and inviting teaching style, and you inspired my thinking along these lines. I valued my experience in taking this class and am interested in taking the next program.


Remergence Workshops

The workbook is an incentive to pursue your careful, meticulous, even rigorous program to focus on end-of-life issues with less fear and apprehension.


Remergence Workshops

I know the concept of greater energy…but this course helped me identify the work I have yet to do. Wonderful meditations and list of resources to explore!


Remergence Workshops

This course was so much more than I expected. I feel less separation in life. This incredible experience has put me on a new journey.


Remergence Workshop

We took the Remergence Workshops in 2018, and now, three years later, we face the reality of Mark’s mortality. Those workshops really helped us to make some hard decisions and deeply explore our feelings. Mark signed the POLST (Physician-Written Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and is now DNR/DNI status. The work you did to create such a special avenue to verbalize, we are at peace. THANK YOU!!