In our expectations for this July 4th weekend—despite enduring potential hiccups: miles of frustrating road construction, repetitious Uncle Jerry jokes and stories as old as dirt, or cancelled fireworks—let’s remember that we create our own reality. And, just as we choose our real time responses to what is happening around us, we can also choose, through intention, how we show up with people, pre-determining our mindset, approach to others, and envisioned outcome.

On a recent trip along the North Shore to Canada, I became aware of a metaphor. Thanks to visiting Split Rock Lighthouse, a signature Minnesota landmark on Lake Superior in the Two Harbors-Duluth area, I learned about the Fresnel—pronounced fray-NEL—lens. This 1500-pound structure of multi-faceted lenses had the miraculous capacity to bend, fold, and focus light rays, magnifying and directing them into a single, powerful guiding beam. The result was an elegant, efficient, and effective means to signal safety during dangerous nautical travel.

We also have an inner Fresnel lens. Its energy is Source. It is eternal.

Coincidentally, the characteristics of seafaring communication point to the same inner qualities that shine through each of us when we invite the presence of Source. Choosing thoughts, words, and actions that increase elegance or simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness heightens our being in the world. Our lives flow as we share our distinctive desires, talents, and love.

During quiet moments, may we remember that a greater energy—the foundation for our inner Fresnel lens—empowers us to illumine the world uniquely. Choosing our mindset for every encounter, our actions with individuals or groups, and our intended outcomes helps us to live harmoniously.  We, alone, shape how we show up. Our light never gives up, offers others an example to shine simply, and extends support when- and wherever it’s needed.

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