Sacred Bonds® Series

Welcome! Get ready for fresh ideas and Aha! moments. Are you looking for a guide to enhance your spiritual journey where you explore integration of mind, body, and higher consciousness? You are in the right place. Over the last nine years, I have been nudged by a greater energy to write and speak words that heal and awaken people about loss, dying, death, and, ultimately, life. With immeasurable gratitude and love, I share these words.

The Sacred Bonds® series, comprised of Seeking Light, Gathering Light, and Becoming Lght sets you on an individual spiritual journey symbolized by the ancient spiral, the light of understanding from the sun, and the initial foray as a lotus bud, new to this journey, yet of promising existence. All Sacred Bonds books encourage change from the inside, out. Please take time to explore your interconnectivity: mind, body, and higher consciousness.

True stories, observations, and creative prose poems speak to revelation, release, and remergence to explore a greater awareness of loss, dying, death, and ultimately, life. Begin with Seeking Light to encounter a slice of life and the meaning it shares with you.  Learning from daily resistance and acceptance helps you understand life and your connection with an energy greater than you are. You will sense when your higher Self is ready to move to the next level of being.

Then move on to Gathering Light, prose poems that resonate with heartbeats of relationships and dialogues, repartees between ego and higher Self. In developing greater depth of awareness, you become more light-filled. Nourished by the wind of solitude, the rain of experiences and memories, and the sun of understanding and wisdom, your heart opens.

Ponder Becoming Light  when you are ready to let go of what you think you know to fill your heart and mind with complete light and love. This part of the series offers letters featuring personified words that concern end-of-life living, and meditations that comfort both the dying and their loved ones. You deepen, becoming a mature, light-filled flowerhead. You sense the essence that you are.

Sacred Bonds:
Seeking Light

Seeking Light, the first book of the series, documents true stories, observations, and creative prose poems in imaginative settings. See yourself in slices of life narratives and find meaning that speaks to you. As a lotus bud, understand revelation, release, and remergence as you learn from the influences of resistance and acceptance. Witness evidence that truly, there is no separation between you and source energy.

Easily recognizing yourself in these narrative forms, your thoughts immediately challenge the status quo. You recognize that a dormant part of you has always existed. Caught between a riveting reality and a path of exposure, you wonder what lies waiting behind the next title. Emotional authenticity releases the mysteries of your higher Self. Emotional uplifting and clarity signal a move to the next level of becoming.


Sacred Bonds: Gathering Light

Gathering Light challenges you to go deep within your thoughts and feelings  as source energy becomes apparent. Two categories of prose poems, Heartbeats and Dialogues, inspire you to view your experiences and emotions in a more authentic way. Heartbeats mirror various relationships while Dialogues represent repartees between your ego and your higher Self.

Expanding your awareness as an opening lotus flower, you are encouraged to explore the meaning of life’s layers. How has your connection with source energy been revealed? What has been its influence and meaning? What have you learned? What do you yearn for? In time, your guarded heart falls away, and you release to your true essence. Deeper introspection is a tool for clarity and enlightenment. You will sense when to move on to the next level of becoming.


Sacred Bonds: Becoming Light

Becoming Light, the third book of the series, is right for you when you feel you can let go of old stories and truths and replace them with a willingness to be transparent and accept new truths. Letters and meditations surrounding loss, death, and dying go beyond common understanding and science. Your transparency continues to evolve. You deepen, becoming a mature, light-filled flowerhead. You begin to understand the meaning of essence.

Becoming Light offers a way to approach topics that are commonly thought about during the time of dying, yet rarely expressed. For example: inner strength, forgiveness, solitude, and unconditional love. These topics, like good friends, are the foundation for personified words that can be personalized. They help the dying person to connect between the earthly plane and the next experience and become a source of comfort and calm for family members. 

Unique meditations complete this section. They are unusual because listening to or reading them creates space for open-ended and highly personal interpretations that can be spoken or simply pondered. All those present in the sacred space of dying feel a loving comfort of not being alone, of being safe, and of being deeply loved. Meaningful bonds with family members and source energy support a beautiful, dignified, and profound remergence.