We all experience suffering. Let’s connect!

Explore how remote healing energy sessions, online Remergence Workshops, and death midwife guidance can positively shift your stress and anxiety around loss, death, and dying. If you have any questions, please email me at any time.

Whatever your needs, we have an offering for you. See the options below.


Remergence Workshops

Remergence Workshops will soon be available via Teachable to explore and increase your awareness of loss, death, and dying. Powerful facts, insights, aha’s, and personal challenges will be  revealed in this  educational format and will include PowerPoints, videos, and stories.  There are three major workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Beginning the Journey
  • Workshop 2: Going Deeper
  • Workshop 3: The Remergence Toolkit to collect information about finances, health, and your final wishes.

Death Midwife

I am your resource when you need comfort and…

  • Are caring for or supporting a family member who is dying or in hospice
  • Don’t know or are confused by choices that surround loss, death and dying
  • Want to prepare for your own journey through loss, death, and dying

As a certified death midwife, I help others to better understand the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of loss, death, and dying. I am a liaison between the medical profession and the funeral industry. Although not medically trained, I am knowledgeable about state laws, required legal forms, choices surrounding end-of-life decisions, after-death body disposition, and home funerals. My intention is not to “fix” or to rescue. Rather, I am a holistic, spiritual companion who holds sacred healing space in which to listen and serve. I support dying individuals and families as they bond, forgive, find beauty, and celebrate this sacred experience.

Email me for more information and customized pricing.


Energy Healing

Source energy has gifted me with in-person and remote healing abilities. As a conduit, energy flows through me in healing vibrations and tones, increasing the well-being of people and animals. Energy healings may create greater relaxation and focus, address pain, or offer a spiritual tune-up. The demeanor and vibrance of animals often improves. Clients often recount images, colors, or feelings that hold special meaning for them. Upon request, I offer healing in combination with essential oils, sound, and sacred stones. All you need to do is get into a comfortable position, breathe calmly, and open yourself up to receiving. If you prefer, I will text or call you when the healing is complete. That’s it!

Remote healings begin with a call from Barbara, starting with a 10-minute client check-in and following with a 20-minute personal healing ($75).  Click here to schedule your healing for care and relief.



Nature is a grounding force and an effective healer. If you can’t get outside to let it soothe you, we have taken images and sounds from nature to inspire you. Now that your heart and mind are full of affirming possibilities to help you walk with loss, death, and dying, please enjoy these two calming music videos below to help focus, settle, and uplift you.

Remergence Workshops

I was so moved in the presentation of everything is energy. I learned of other methods of burial, death, loss, and that change is growth. I loved the PowerPoint slides. It made the flow easy to follow. I love the way the class shifted to accommodate everyone. I will use the pre-work activities again to see my growth. It made me think. The program was so valuable for the emotional and evolving space I am in. Helped me more than words can say!


Confidential  Conversations 

Thank you! I’ve had a great cognitive and emotional breakthrough thanks to you.


Remergence Workshops

Certainly I felt “shifted” by this work in a positive way. I valued the questions posed, activities suggested, and tying it all into the Chakra Centers. I like your calm and inviting teaching style, and you inspired my thinking along these lines. I valued my experience in taking this class and am interested in taking the next program.


Remergence Workshops

The workbook is an incentive to pursue your careful, meticulous, even rigorous program to focus on end-of-life issues with less fear and apprehension.


Remergence Workshops

I know the concept of greater energy…but this course helped me identify the work I have yet to do. Wonderful meditations and list of resources to explore!


Remergence Workshops

This course was so much more than I expected. I feel less separation in life. This incredible experience has put me on a new journey.


Remergence Workshop

We took the Remergence Workshops in 2018, and now, three years later, we face the reality of Mark’s mortality. Those workshops really helped us to make some hard decisions and deeply explore our feelings. Mark signed the POLST (Physician-Written Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and is now DNR/DNI status. The work you did to create such a special avenue to verbalize, we are at peace. THANK YOU!!