Out of the Darkness

Shorter days. Nights of looking inward. Who am I? 

Transcending thoughts, I sense a greater energy within me.

“Expansion brings awareness,” encouraged my Soul.

“I already know myself,” interrupted ego. Haven’t I already…

     heard the story of a stranger,

    volunteered in a secure environment,

    donated anonymously?

Go deeper! said my Soul, there is more than ‘checking off boxes.’

What subtleties do you sense?

Birds anticipate the dawn, their songs expressions of being.

Morning is breaking with love.


 Into the Light

Incrementally longer days. Growth in unfolding. Who have I become?

Light beckons change, and I remember who I am.

A greater awareness moves me.

     Recalling the earlier story of a stranger, now I witness without agenda or advice.

     Volunteering, I am guided now by a courageous heart.

     Donating, I first turn inward, no need for calculations.

Influenced by refined light and love, I make my way.

©2024 In the thick of Things