This quote from Sasha Sagan, daughter of American astronomer, Carl Sagan, inspired my December post.

“There is no refuge from change in the cosmos, or from the heartbreak those changes can bring.

But in the midst of all that is, was, or ever will be, there is a light that keeps shining, reaching us from far away.”


Mystery – MyStory

The cosmos revels in mystery.

Not subjective, it reveals vulnerability.

Not a sanctuary from daily living, it unfolds with choice.

Never static, it is understood through flow.


Consider this:

Cosmic light expands vulnerability, choice, and flow.

Joy, empathy, support, and love multiply.


In every circumstance, illumination is present.

Consistently available, it never gives up.

It radiates the gifts of consistency and balance.

It reminds me that I am loved and whole.

This is mystery – mystory.

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