When February meets wooing, we are reminded of how much we love and appreciate others, including our animal friends. We are elevated by the comfort that loving and honoring bring. It may be a small comfort, like a  surprise snack of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—one bite, and everything seems just right with the world. Or, it may be a shared panoramic view, bestowing its beauty and awe.

Consider Robbie and Rigby in the picture above, shared by friends. As we look deeply at their gaze and actions, we see our own human characteristics and behaviors in their connection. We sense their true appreciation and care for each other. They are wooing—demonstrating loving and honoring.

In the larger world, card companies, florists, winemakers, restaurants, jewelers, and destination B&B’s often assist in our unique expressions of wooing. Still, we know our deepest sentiments begin inside. Woo stems from the Old English word, “wogian,” meaning “to gain the favor of, allure, or court someone (with the intention of marriage)”.

Today, wooing goes far beyond its original intent. In addition to the framework of connecting romantically, we also recognize that businesses practice the art and science of wooing clients and customers.  Businesses “bend or incline (some)one toward their organization” through persuasion that is not necessarily limited to flowers, wine, and fine dining. So much so, that psychologists have conducted studies of business climates and clients and the effects of persuasive strategies on a customer base. Loving and honoring clients and customers invites them into a culture of caring and working collaboratively. This appreciation parallels the lines of truth, support, and willingness to exceed expectations.

Additionally, I suggest expanding our wooing horizons—paying more attention—and cultivating our relationship with Source energy, or whatever name we give to our higher power. This relationship is our closest, deepest, most inspiring, and most long-standing one within the cosmos. It is eternal. Many of us have chosen to minimize or even ignore the importance of our connection with Source and involve it only in dire circumstances, hoping it will be available.

As in any relationship, wouldn’t it be wise to nurture the connection all along, experiencing mutual admiration? Besides, an honoring and intentional desire to strengthen our connection with this omniscient energy has the potential to lessen our fears throughout life and death and increase our knowing that we will never face anything alone.

By daily acknowledging, appreciating, and thanking Source, we create an enduring, respectful, personal relationship that truly matters and is ongoing throughout all space and beyond time. Source energy—in the form of inspiration—is all around and within us, as demonstrated by the Sistine Chapel fresco, “Creation of Adam.” Michelangelo envisioned this painting to represent the gift of life. What would it be like to re-imagine intentionally connecting with Source on a regular basis—to understand the gift of life more deeply.

Consider the nature of Source energy. We are formless Source energy before we are born into this world; it becomes us, as formed energy that navigates the world; and it is us when we again become formless after death, leaving our bodies behind. What a commitment Source makes to us! Why not invest personal energy in nurturing this powerful connection?

I woo Source every day because I am committed to our relationship; I never want to take anything for granted. Nine years ago, I began to use a term of endearment for Source energy: DOBA—decidedly obvious, beautiful action. I sense DOBA is me, recognized as a strong, tingling sensation present throughout my body.

Wanting to easily receive what is intended for me, I first breathe slowly and deeply. Then I declare that I am One with Source energy. With this intention as my foundation, I engage in forgiveness by clearing stagnant energy and negative thoughts. I give forward judgments, errors of perception, and limitations that I’ve placed on myself, so they can be transformed. This action further opens my heart, and I am ready to reach out to Source with my intention. Trusting the process, I receive helpful insight.

I anticipate ways to be thoughtful and considerate. I talk spontaneously with Source energy throughout the day, just as I would engage with a close friend, sharing about life, work, and relationships. I request guidance or a change in attitude when I meet obstacles. Quick to show gratitude, I know this is the simplest way to make known my deepest feelings—sometimes accompanied by tears. As I focus on my journey of service on earth, the best interests of people are cared for, and ego’s voice becomes almost inaudible.

Thoughts reflect our choices. Positive thoughts often bring unexpected, good news—often described as “out of the blue” by some. Yet we remember that “out of the blue” is just another way of saying “Source-initiated.” By nurturing Source energy regularly, I easily feel a quicker and more secure connection. The more I practice loving and honoring my Source energy, the more I am aware of ease and miracles.

From a higher vantage: To go beyond traditional wooing encourages me to shape a loving and honoring connection with Source. It is a personal choice, as are all relationships. I invite you to further nourish your relationship with Source. Experience a delicious, downhome feeling that is as comforting as a simple P, B, & J sandwich.

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