I See Differently

A New Year’s Day Heartbeat


Through the tiniest fissure, Light directed by the cosmos beckons me.

Out of the darkness—becoming brighter—I am mesmerized.

Fire, representing inner strength and passion, tempers my understanding by degrees, like the light of a

flame: blue to white; now yellow and orange.

No turning away, no striving—just being.

I am completely intimate with and grounded in it.

As the light of Earth energy enters my feet, I sense light from the higher realms entering my crown

chakra. Together their energies meet at my heart center, offering stability to my body.

Opposition and control begin to disintegrate; wholeness reaches for my hand.

Air is the connection to the universal life force and expands my light of further knowing. Beneath what

I think holds me back, I am already who I hoped to be.

I find my truth in ever-present flow around me: sun unto moon, inhale into exhale; life becoming death, becoming life.

Water, symbolizing emotions and intuition, represents my natural flow, no formal beginning or ending

of light, just boundless continuation.

Now I see differently: The true me; my clear path; and the perfection that is always beneath resistance.

My Essence is the culmination of all cosmic elements.

I am light.

I am healing.

I am inner peace.

A New Year’s Day Heartbeat, 2023

© 2023 In the Thick of Things