Taking Flight

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. We’re standing on one foot, impatiently waiting for the shortcut, the method, the guarantee. Skip the preamble and the analysis–what’s your take? Don’t talk to me about genre and method and history. No time for that. What are we supposed to do right now?

~“Seth’s Blog: The Answer Imperative,” 4.25.22; Seth Godin, marketing entrepreneur, author

Desiring shortcuts is the way of Western life: Instant Pot, hotkeys, and bundled services. Don’t we always seek quicker ways to find knowledge, execute a plan, or bypass research? We’re consumed with doing, not being, and tend to ignore process in favor of ease, immediacy, and definitive answers that have worked for others. Most often, more information and opinions simply serve to confuse. Information based on someone else’s direct experiences may point in a general direction, yet not really provide the exact solution needed. How perplexing!

While timesaving approaches make life more convenient for multitasking, there are advantages to observing nature, one movement at a time. Like the cormorant above, we can be still, connect inward, and rise eloquently, trusting an innate source for direction. When we are in partnership with our higher Self, these things happen automatically, allowing us to rise above chaos. This way of approaching life is unrushed, stable, deepening, and in tune with the universe. Sustained by a shared partnership with the energy of higher Self, we receive ideas from an invisible energy that is available within and around us at all times and in all circumstances. It’s up to us to initiate conversation.

“All the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.”  ~Rumi

Trusting and believing that answers are already within and are mysteriously made available is not a popular viewpoint. We are not so comfortable with the unfamiliar. Answers from trusting the unknown are not necessarily quick. There are no guarantees. And it takes some consistent and creative practice when we’re getting to know Source energy and establishing patterns. We recall a time when we were introduced to someone and later, decided to nurture the relationship. Plus, people are of the mindset that answers to difficult questions and complex problems come from outside of us. We forget the potential for accessing gifted information through our higher Selves.

Recently, I decided to become better acquainted with my higher Self: to create a solid, sustainable, and intimate relationship that I could count on for answers. Trusting my personal discovery of answers meant that I needed to slow down, focus inward, ask questions that cause my body to feel positive and light, and then patiently live those questions into answers, knowing that they might not arrive in my lifetime. It is this perseverance that offers serenity, along with releasing judgments, inaccuracies, and limitations I’d placed on myself. Daily and accumulated baggage takes up space that could be savored by fresh ideas.

Specifically, I wanted to partner with my higher Self to bring more balance to my work and personal lives. I started with some basic questions: Is change needed and why? What things create wholeness for me? Why does ego continue to badger me? I quickly sensed that “why” questions seemed too academic. These questions made my body felt heavy and guilty, as if there were something wrong with me.

However, creating a list of things that I enjoyed like music, arts, gardening, or cooking brought a sense of wholeness. Considering these elements made my body feel different, more energetic—and so much lighter. No question is wrong; some are simply nearer to the real issue or align more closely with the higher Self. As the questions are refined, upbeat feelings develop. The body knows. This may take time yet is well worth the effort. I will continue to be a work-in-progress, and that’s fine. I am changing from the inside, out.

From a higher vantage: Prepare to take flight. No waffling. All IN. Live your specific questions as you move toward answers. Self-adjustment and confidence grow. Practice staying in relationship with your higher Self. Everything is made known. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon: the questions are begging.

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