Ego: I’m scared!

Higher Self: Really? That doesn’t sound like you. Isn’t your goal to be in control—of everything?

Ego: Well, I enjoy being in control, but this death and dying thing has been on my mind.

Higher Self: Yes, when you come to me about something, I know it’s serious.

Ego: Death and dying torment me because I can’t control them, and I certainly don’t trust them. They show up when least expected and are never convenient. I have to follow Body. Whatever happens to it, happens to me. You, on the other hand, will be around for eternity.

Higher Self: Originally, your responsibility was to preserve Body’s safety and security. Body needed you for developing a personality and navigating the physical world. However, you enjoyed those tasks so much that you overstepped your boundaries. You insisted that Body show a heightened interest in appearances, dualities, reputation, competition, and materialism.

Ego: Yes, Body has an interest in those concepts. They certainly keep me busy directing and suggesting.

Higher Self: There’s a point of being out of balance! I help Body understand parts of life like love, trust, compassion, authenticity, forgiveness, and inner peace. There is no beginning or ending for me. (pause) I have an idea: a “both…and” situation! Let’s work together, offering stability to Body.

Ego: Ummm, does that mean I’m still in charge of Body?

Higher Self: Let’s form a partnership and share Body for as long as Body is on this earthly plane.

Ego: Well, I don’t need your advice before steering Body toward a decision. I know what I’m doing!

Higher Self: Possibly, although Body does have free will. Body will have to weigh what drives decisions—love or fear? May love triumph.

Ego: Oh, yes, I remember how much fun it was when Body saw the Porche 911 Turbo S that belonged to a friend. It was LOVE at first sight. I encouraged the addition and was excited—all that speed and maneuverability! Although a bit wary, Body liquidated some stock for the prize, focusing on the attention and excitement it would bring. Too bad his spouse didn’t feel the same way.

Higher Self: For some people, materialism is all-important. At some point, Body may have different priorities. I’m always in and around Body, patiently waiting. Is a new spiritual awareness coming?

Ego: That’s the thing—I think Body’s soul is spiritually asleep. Body’s still putting his job first, self-soothing with alcohol, and choosing to spend limited time with family.

Higher Self: Ah! Since we’re partners, let’s see if we can drop some hints to Body so that he can find a new sense of being in the world. Maybe a different awareness will follow.

Ego: What kind of hints?

Higher Self: It could be that one day, he is the only one available to walk the family pet on a beautiful nature trail; or he finally listens—really listens—to classical music that he loves; or he makes time to use his expert woodworking skills to finish a renovation project because company is arriving on the weekend. These are experiences Body can remember he once enjoyed.

Ego: Sounds like the kind of life-balancing you’re always talking about. Do you think Body will take our hints?

Higher Self:  I hope so. Let’s set our intentions to help Body find another way forward and see what happens.

Ego: Right, and I’m happy that I have the possibility of a future.

From a higher vantage: As you evolve in your humanness, your Higher Self offers ways to move forward. Awaken to know your heart, now. Be willing to meet whatever is there with courage. This will help you live life, and death, fully. Higher Self never gives up on you, and Ego can show signs of greater understanding.

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