“Now there is a whisper: a calling of love toward further becoming.”

I go for a period of time with no awareness of change, and then, suddenly I experience a eureka moment—total joy, triumph, or breakthrough! The flowers that a tree displays before they turn into leaves or a date for my website completion. At the other end of the spectrum, I am incredibly disappointed and saddened by a dear friend’s health news that I knew was on the radar, but is only now confirmed. Then there are the changes in between.  Something happens:  A relative’s comment, a spouse’s action or reaction, or a dear friend’s tears, and it is several hours or even days before I may feel a subtle shift in understanding.

Processing change has taken on new meanings because I am constantly evolving. There is no need to force an unfolding—no need to try. Trying, striving, and pushing are actually forms of resistance to Source messages. Instead, I allow the direction of a greater energy, whether through whispers, nudges, visions, or my friend’s reference, “2 x 4 applications,” as I excel in or weather my change. In love, Source guides me to become more than I can be or do by myself. I trust the choice to return to the steadiness of my inner voice, the timing of the universe, and the feeling of being lifted from chaos or into my desires. It matters not if I perceive the experience as negative or positive. Change just is.

What does matter is that, above all, change is a calling of love toward further becoming. I remember love as I explore change, as sublime or difficult as it may be. There are always choices. Duality thinking (good, bad; have, have not; yes, no) can become a one-way ticket to negativity. Recognizing that place, I don’t stay in that energy. Instead, I choose possibilities for gratitude, love, bonding, or greater understanding—regardless of the situation. I see circumstances from all angles.

Consider this Heartbeat when you think of the latest change you’ve experienced. May it help you to balance your thoughts, actions, and emotions and move forward.


What is change but…

A word that recalls possibilities and challenges?

An action that simultaneously champions beauty and resistance?

A feeling of soaring, yet longing?

Growing, sharing, laughing, and crying together, we know change is inevitable.

Our hearts expand to hold it all—the challenges and the triumphs.

Realizing dualities are just part of our humanness, we breathe.

Life continuously changes.

Now there is a whisper: a calling of love toward further becoming.

We trust, knowing a greater energy is at hand.

Forever connected, we learn.

Radiantly, we soar.

From a higher vantage: Whatever juncture you have arrived at, it is right for you. This experience is part of your journey. Love accompanies your becoming, whether you sense it or not. How will you respond?

© 2021 In the Thick of Things