Within minutes, the environment changed from a painted, asphalt parking lot to shades of lushness in a magical forest. It’s amazing how overcast skies enrich every detail. The three of us paused at a divergent path, pondering. Once considered to be hiding behind our masks, a regret from the past, we now celebrate our true Selves in newfound characteristics and interactions. We proudly live them. The pandemic offered time to hone who we are, to claim our birthright as Source expressing through us, and to share our purpose with the greater good.

The dirt paths shared their musk scent and observed our hesitancy. Each beckoned us to come closer and enjoy the gifts that could be found only in that direction. We agreed that each path represented grounding and a special unfolding of the moment. We would be grateful for whatever we encountered.

Violet, in a purple and lavender mask with beading, felt an instant connection with the scattered wild geraniums that graced the path to the right. No longer feeling the need to hide her emotions and fit in, Violet is transparent. She focuses on serving and loving others and remembers to spend time in personal self-care. Today she is a role model of calm and demonstrates grace, ease, and healing. She symbolizes compassion and life in the present moment.

Ruby’s red mask was ornate with feathers and gold ribbons. It was difficult to imagine that once she was concerned only with bold riches and being the center of attention. She was attracted to the energy and persistent hammering coming from the Pileated Woodpecker as its beak penetrated the bark of a tree near the left path. Now she reveals strength, courage, and confidence while sharing generosity, wisdom, and spirituality.

Swan loved her teal mask of gentleness, serenity, and thoughtfulness. Others once believed her to be easily swayed, weak, and of few opinions. She was excited to hear playful sounds of a stream somewhere in the distant left, parting a vastness of green. Now her words and actions soothe the nervous system, spark creativity, and lead open communication. She symbolizes originality, clarity, and rejuvenation.

Majority rules. The true Selves of the trio chose the path to the left, knowing that either way was right for them. They found elegant, wild strawberry blossoms and witnessed seas of strong ancestor ferns. Birds having no agenda sang for the joy of singing. High and camouflaged in the late morning hours, a Barred Owl seemed out-of-place with his distinctive song, “Who-cooks-for-you.” Yet its remarks offered a haunting comfort. On the ground in front of them were hoofprints of horses. What a wild variety of energy we have become, yet we all began with and will return to Source energy.

One more surprise. As the trio left the park, a common snapping turtle crossed the road to bid farewell.

From a higher vantage: Nature doesn’t hide. We sense its true Self. No promises. No expectations. No apologies. Exposing our true colors and characteristics, we share the oneness that is.

© 2021 In the Thick of Things