It’s been nearly eight weeks. Without a wig to tend or image to guard, I can feel at home with my natural Self. I continue to celebrate full alignment with a greater energy and the ease and flow of being transparent. Yet, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t mention that, occasionally, my ego has some doubts about my new appearance and often argues for the status quo. I inform her that hats are still available when it’s cold or windy, and that my wig is on a stand in the closet, should I deem wearing it for an occasion. Those explanations soothe her for a time, although she’s still puzzled by why I would choose a new look in the first place. Meanwhile, my Higher Self is enjoying new-found freedom, empowerment, and connection with others. This is where I choose to place my attention. During the last few weeks, I’ve learned a great deal.  Revelation, release, and remergence teach me about life and work. Perhaps you’ve noticed similar patterns.

Revealed and confirmedarewho I am, what I stand for, and my purpose. These beliefs become worth the risk of transparency, worth the risk of thinking BIG, and worth the risk of challenging others to consider new perspectives on subjects they’d rather ignore or place at the bottom of their priority list. In short…

Transparency is not defined by duality: good vs. bad;  right vs. wrong; or happy vs. sad. It simply refers to a way of being, thinking, or acting that I haven’t experienced before.

Yes, the choice to be transparent can seem like an uphill struggle or something I’m worried or nervous about, yet in my heart of hearts, I KNOW this is the path of authenticity.

Self-worth and service do not depend on appearance, what others think or say, environment, or ancestry.

Transparency allows sharing my soul’s light in a deeper, more courageous way. It speaks without words and is the only way forward.

Released from me are thoughts, actions, and fears that do not reflect a greater energy, that are not authentic to my work, and that are not open to the hearts and minds of others. In short…

Service needs to be inclusive, not fit only a select group of people. Loss, death, and dying are common to all forms, despite understanding being unique.

All life forms offer distinctive gifts, talents, and humanity to the greater good, without which, leaves an unfillable, permanent gap in the interconnectedness of life. Every life form matters.

My transparency encourages the same in others: to share their struggles, to stop pretending to be something or someone they’re not, or to unmask an untold, inner secret.

Every decision is driven by love or fear; everything else is inconsequential. Let love steer the choice.

Remergence is the realization of oneness with a greater energy, of going Home, of completing the circle of life. Each energy form honors its pre-earthly contract and reviews what it has learned. Remergence is a portal to another mysterious unfolding. In short…

Choose a more settled and fuller life, now, by preparing for death and dying. Expiration dates are not known. Take time to ponder the meaning of life; your wishes; relationships; and thoughts to share with adult children, grandchildren, and friends. Complete and distribute required paperwork. Gain greater peace of mind.

Consider that those who are able to focus, demonstrate flexibility, and practice self-control throughout their lifetimes are more flexible and accepting of mortality as they grow older. Those who find it more difficult to be transparent in life and who struggle with focus, flexibility, and self-control are less accepting of their mortality. ~Adapted from “Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality,” Sheldon Solomon, 2003 documentary

The dying process is not to be resisted or feared. Rather, think ease and flow. Transparency aids acceptance and openness. A dying person is completely safe and deeply loved.

Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s) cite times when a body has been declared medically dead, yet its energy has not been fully assimilated into oneness, so has the choice to return and tell of the experience. Observations indicate great love and beauty.

From a higher vantage: You are invited to a more transparent and happier life. Let revelation, release, and remergence guide you.

© 2021 In the Thick of Things