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Higher Self  There is more to us than our physical body, more than what our senses perceive.

Ego  Are you kidding? What you see is what you get!

Higher Self  Our understanding and capabilities go beyond what you believe to be real.

Ego  I know what’s best for Body, and that “capabilities thing”—using that part of our brain that is not regularly accessed (our prefrontal cortex) that has been almost dormant in humans for thousands of years—is a bunch of rubbish!

Higher Self  The prefrontal cortex has been scientifically researched and found to be a portal to Source when activated by salutogenics breathing. Accessing this part of our brain is proven to have real benefits. Other aspects of our world, understood by our reptilian brain and explored through our senses, are illusions whose truths rely on comparison and information from the past and future.

Ego   Knowledge based on experience holds truth for me. Haven’t I always protected Body, which, in case you have forgotten, includes you? I rely on the past and the future to set boundaries to keep Body functioning well. I know what is right.   

Higher Self  Yes, you defined boundaries for Body as soon as it took form as a baby. By two years of age, Body believed that it was the center of the Universe—knowing only the urgency of satisfying me, me, me! By six years of age, it knew only the emotions, demands, and thinking based on the influences around it. The lessons of resiliency, gratitude, appreciation of differences, and compassion would need to settle in, perhaps taking a lifetime to integrate.

Ego  Nonsense! Look at us—we’re part of an already vibrant, successful Body. 

Higher Self  Yet, when we’re really honest and observe Body, we become aware that many of the opinions and logic formed by age six are still leading the way, even in adult stature. When we base our reality on the past and the future, we miss the present moment, and that is all we have.

Ego  I think our life is good—we’re doing just fine—most of the time. My purpose is to remind Body of authentic boundaries that are helpful; this requires remembering past experiences and contemplating future ones. This leads to a wandering mind. I see the importance of acknowledging the present moment to calculate awareness of safety and danger issues. The present moment is important to me after all. (Whispers) Yet, not as important as the past and the future. Being vigilant is necessary for Body’s (and my own) self-preservation—even if it’s walking across an intersection.

Higher Self  Perhaps we’re getting closer to connecting! That’s a good thing. My purpose for Body is to offer new possibilities for thought, creative actions, emotional stability, and thoughtful response. Boundaries are limitless, yet include ethics, problem solving, and compassion. Let’s respect each other’s purpose and move forward.

Ego  I’ll consider your words a peace offering. However, I know what I’m doing (many decades of experience) and what Body needs to thrive. I have defined Body from an early age, and it has been separate from Source since then. See how remarkably well Body is doing?

Higher Self  That’s a matter of opinion—there seems to be a great deal of suffering. Think of emotions that accompany actions and words that come forth while Body is out of truth or Source consciousness. Examples might be anger, the desire to rush in and fix, the “silent treatment,” or arrogance. These are emotions that burst forth as a result of the stories that you tell Body.

Ego  I do the best that I can. Body can rely on me!

Higher Self  As Body learns to explore higher consciousness, it will notice signs of suffering connected with the stories you continue to share. Ego, it is time for you to give up control and allow Body to become more aware of “being.” Never forget that each day Body is taking another step closer toward remergence with Source. It would be helpful for Body to engage in ways to lessen some of the suffering now. Once Body understands the difference between the inevitability of pain and the ability to work toward diminishing suffering, the journey will be easier.

Ego  To me, pain and suffering are the same; you can’t have one without the other. Ways to work with suffering take time and are difficult to measure. I look for immediate solutions that are clear cut. So, if you have any suggestions that will get rid of pain and suffering, then I’m all ears.

Higher Self  (thinking about how to approach suffering from a different angle) Ego, consider boundaries. I want Body to know that its potential goes beyond what you, society (boss), and family or friends see and say. Body is MORE than what the senses perceive. Once expansive feeling and thinking are experienced, Body will choose openness and spaciousness, rather than go back to old, tight beliefs. Body will flourish.

Ego  I’ll have to think about that. Should Body discover ways to lessen personal

suffering, it may have very little use for me. I have been in charge for a long time,

and I’m not about to relinquish my role without kicking and screaming.

Higher Self  You will always be a part of life on this plane of existence. I think even you can agree with me on one thing: We both desire that Body lead a happy and fulfilling life.


© 2015 Barbara L. Krause