two points of view

in the thick 

of things

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two points of view

Ego      Seize the moment: weeding, doing laundry, making Kefir. Get it

done. Time is

short. Do it now.

Higher Self   Attentive to the moment: Gratitude for feeling the warmth of the dirt,

smelling the citrus laundry powder, and seeing effervescence in the amber water Kefir.

Merging with the moment: Imagining…

Feelings of both dirt and weeds,

Lemon essential oil and the third chakra of yellow.

Majestic ascent of a golden hot air balloon.

Ego   (blurting) Five text messages. Yikes, what’s going on?

Should have taken your phone with you. Could have been


Would others fail to answer?

Higher Self   Disconnect from electronics—be soothed and grounded.

Be confident in personal power—steady and balanced flow.

No judgment of others—Source is within; there are no mistakes, only lessons.


Ego   Spouse has been in an auto accident.

He has a few cuts and bruises; by Source’s grace is fine.

Oh, dear, NOW WHAT?!?

“Bunny II” is totaled.

               So much paperwork just to get back to normal, whatever that is.

               A checklist—we need a checklist!

Higher Self  (calmly) Divine Beings have a human experience.

A prime opportunity for gratitude in life, presence in the moment, and calm.

To re-evaluate and see things from a higher perspective.

Humans are so much more than their physical bodies—they are eternal and loved.

            Ego and higher Self are not always aligned.

When in doubt, follow higher Self.



© 2015 Barbara L. Krause