Toward Awakening

toward awakening

Death Cafe


Death Café Northfield is an opportunity for people to come together in community to have a thoughtful conversation about death and dying. It is useful to gain others’ perspectives (and open up to our own!) on what is often regarded as a “taboo topic.” This gathering offers the freedom of a safe and confidential space to discuss, or simply listen to, thoughts, fears, anxieties, and questions about death, dying, and living.

Vital Death I


Many of us have taken the opportunity to join a Death Café discussion. This is a positive approach to connecting with others on what society considers a taboo topic, one that should be hidden from others and discussed only in private, if discussed at all. Privacy in death is certainly a choice, although the full lessons that death has to teach us may not be as powerful in the absence of community.

Vital Death II


Vital Death II deepens our personal knowledge of death and ways of supporting our loved ones. Participants may find an experiential program beneficial. It is essential to recognize that people do have choices surrounding death and to understand the impact of each choice. What outcome is best for the individual dying? There are no right or wrong decisions—only ones that can make the dying experience less traumatic for all.