out of sorts?

So many details, so little time. It is the sixth week of my book immersion, and I have been making great strides to complete my double series of books. Intentions are working well. I came up for air just long enough to realize that I had not included an intention for the March posting. A big oops!

I guess I simply trusted that the words would be there. After all, a greater energy has been filling my head with concepts for eight years. Not that I wasn’t grateful for the thousands of words I had already been gifted. Not that I had planned to take anything for granted. Not that I didn’t want to honor Source by spreading narratives of awareness-raising consciousness. No, it was time to re-visit where and how I was placing my trust.

I was pretending to know what came next, trusting the parameters of my ego. However, I knew the result would be limited in ideas and possibly academic. With ego, writing is not as dependable; when I really need words, ego goes out to shovel snow. She also doesn’t have the duration that I’ve grown to know and love in writing generated by my higher Self. Ego is determined to have her way and balks at approaches that are out of the ordinary. She also sees no point in allowing writing to sit overnight. Just write and be done!

After feeling captured by the environment and then dejected, I knew that I absolutely must request Source’s help and means of unfolding. It was still a possibility. I had just slipped off my usual alignment with a greater energy. I connected with Source and immediately felt calm and productive.

What to Think About Trust?

Trust seems easy, especially when life’s

adventures match the expectations of my ego.

At other times, trust feels trying, a long time in coming,

        or downright out-of-reach.

Lately, I’ve had some insights.

When I act in-charge, pretending to know what comes next,

        I am trusting the confines of my ego, formed when I was six.

Its knowledge is based on limited life experiences,

               immaturity, and selfishness.

This level of trust is unpredictable and fleeting,

        offering only momentary satisfaction, demanding more.

There is another choice.

When I set an intention, directed to Source,

I trust an expansive force to work within me.

This force has unlimited knowledge, vast maturity,

and my best interests at heart.

This level of trust is dependable, strong and true,

regardless of circumstances,

offering lasting contentment.

Why not count on a “sure thing”?

From a higher vantage: When you feel out of sorts about the way things are unfolding, check your alignment with greater energy.  Are you in ego mode?  There is always a choice. And why not, upward self-regulation contributes to a higher vibration for you and for the universe.  Go to the light.

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  1. This is good food for thought, Barbara. I appreciate your sharing about going toward the light and trusting Source rather than ego. Meditating on these ideas has helped me get back in alignment too!
    Bless you,

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