the shift

Cooler temperatures, rain, and a hint of color on the trees remind me that a new season is at-hand. After months of spontaneous decisions, modified schedules, and road construction, I’m ready to return to the basics of harvesting, shorter days, and introspection. With this presence, I move into a time of reflection and gratitude.

This meditation is just what is needed to reel me in from my summer adventures and remind me of the value of refocus.  Additionally, it may be used during active dying or by the loved ones of someone who is actively dying.

Meditation IV

My mind states,  An energy greater than I am is within and around me. It is also in all matter and living things.

Yet I am dying, whether living in hospice or waking up to another day at home. I know this is part of the life cycle, yet sometimes I wonder if I have been forgotten. Bombarding thoughts hold me hostage.

Unseen, yet profound, they insist on my witness. Listening, even hearing their drone, is all-consuming. It is too much. I wish for silence.

Now thoughts are beginning to slip away; something else is taking their place. Something inside me shifts, and I suddenly feel different, comforted and at ease.


I feel my heart breaking…O P E N!

I love wildly!

I am not afraid to ask for forgiveness.

I liberally forgive.

I am intensely grateful.

Within, I am soothed; light appears and wholeness emerges.

My heart whispers, Kindness, presence, love without conditions. Finally mind and heart come together.

Hours of reflections follow yet remain unknown to others.

No matter: I am not forgotten.

From a higher vantage: During the interim between seasons, find space and time to consider the depth of things. Surface exploration is a quick look; there was a season for that. Now it’s time to refocus on the significance of the more profound stories. Nothing is forgotten.

© 2019 in the thick of things

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