You are So Much More

How much evidence is needed? You are so much more was the message that my softened and surrendered heart received from Source less than a week ago. What did this message mean and where was it leading? Previous to the night of the message, I had spent five hours with a nonagenarian relative in the Emergency Room (ER) and subsequent hospital room as he continued to interact with a racing heartbeat. I wanted to be with him and his daughter at his bedside to connect with him through “Heart Talk”—an approach of support, “being” in oneness and, above all, shared love in the present moment. “Our work is to come together in truth. To become the perfect environment for each other’s recognition that there is no other, but just the One to be shared,” Who Dies? Stephen and Ondrea Levine, p.171.

I adjusted his blankets for warmth, placed my hand on his shoulder, looked in the direction of his eyes and began to speak through heart vibrations. His daughter offered a comment to add some levity that he should decide between Red Lobster and The Olive Garden as a dinner destination for the following week. As the medical team prepared to shock his heart with the hope of gaining a normal heart rate, his racing heartbeat suddenly began to drop significantly. Nosedive by nosedive, it normalized. I was reminded of my inner spark of divinity. It was Source working through me that held sacred space for whatever would be the appropriate healing for my relative’s situation.

Two days later while attending a Unity service, certain lyrics from “Hold On,” a song from The Secret Garden—a 1993 musical about death and loss—hijacked my attention. More evidence. Underlined passages resonate with me.

“Hold On” (excerpts)

“What you’ve got to do is finish
What you have begun!…

When you see the storm is coming
See the lightning part the skies
It’s too late to run
There’s terror in your eyes
What you do then is remember
This old thing you heard me say
“It’s the storm, not you
That’s bound to blow away”

Hold on…
Don’t even ask how long or why?
Child, hold on to what you know is true
Hold on till you get through.
Child, oh child
Hold on…

[When you feel your heart is poundin’
Fear a devil’s at your door
There’s no place to hide
You’re frozen to the floor
What you do then is you force yourself
To wake up, and just say
“It’s this dream, not me
That’s bound to go away”…

Hold on, the night will soon be by
Hold on
Until there’s nothing left to try
Child, hold on, there’s angels on their way
Hold on and hear them say
“Child, oh child!”

When you see a man who’s raging
And he’s jealous and he fears
That you’ve walked through walls
He’s hid behind for years
What you do then
Is you tell yourself to wait it out
And say “It’s this day, not me
That’s bound to go away”

Child, oh, hold on
It’s this day, not you,
That’s bound to go away.”

Again, You are so much more resounded in my heart, symbolizing an alignment with Source, my higher Self. When I focus on this alignment, my strength knows no boundaries and my path to enlightenment is clear. How much more evidence is needed? Yet, persuasive ego tends to derail me, although in fewer instances as time goes on. Thinking of my relationship with Source, I need only ask and then wait for guidance and answers to appear. It’s when I begin to doubt, question, and close my heart that things get murky. Staying in the moment and expecting to hear from Source, the next steps come to me. With a softened heart, I look to this as my reality, and situations that are difficult, worrisome or fearful—the dramas of life—are recognized as illusions. Perhaps it’s the day, the response, or circumstances. Each of these, not my higher Self, will “go away.” My higher Self is part of Source; therefore, I am steadfast and endure.

Over time, I believed that I had understood this concept, knew the right words to explain it, and could give examples. I see now that I had more living to do to fully realize alignment as a gift. It’s not important that circumstances have repeated themselves in a variety of ways to yield recognition or that understanding has taken a while to settle into my bones. When I set an intention to raise my consciousness and pursue alignment, it will happen. Timing is of no consequence. Source has a plan and is in and around me, always. Doubt came because I carried the alignment only in my head, vulnerable to Ego; now I believe in and hold the alignment with Source in my heart.

Then it was Tuesday. You are so much more defines connection. I received meaningful comments about the recently-held me! die? gathering; found the “right fit” webmaster, which was the result of completely trusting my intuition; and spent the day experiencing the world from the perspective of our eleventh-month-old grandson. Each precious moment offered endless gifts: smiles, exploratory movements and experimental noises created with his tongue, communication full of nuances, and the wonder and awe of earrings and zippers, to name a few. Even the moments spent reading Alaska 1-2-3 Counting Book for the fifteenth time renewed a fondness in my heart for his excitement as we approached that special page, and he exuberantly waved to nine polar bears waving back at him.

You are so much more goes beyond “correct” answers and possibilities—extensions of the mind. With the knowledge of Source alignment in my heart, I feel my thoughts, words, and actions through trust and patience, without strategy. The results are universally agreeable. Receiving awareness from Source in mysterious ways no longer surprises me. At 4 a.m. I awoke to “nudges” for this blog entry that ended in an obscure circle of light gently pulsating in my head. I know. Evidence is surpassed by joy.

Inwardly speaking: Set your intention. Ask your heart to lead you into alignment with Source. It will come to you in time. You are so much more than you think.

© 2015 Barbara L. Krause