Change Things Up!

I need to “fix” me.  In the past the gift of a new year meant thinking about resolutions, or writing ego-approved statements. Let’s change things up. Yes, we’re human and, by definition, are imperfect. Yet Source has created each of us with a built-in spark of divinity. This is Source within us, our authentic Self. With this spark, we are enough, as is. Let’s focus on that. No need to “fix.” It’s a matter of recognizing and then overriding the voice of Ego. Although its main function is to guide us during life-threatening situations, it sometimes tries to control too much of life. Ego can dominate our thinking regarding appearances, comparisons, statistics, opinions, stories that appear to define us, and emotional baggage. To supersede this kind of egoic thinking, we engage the thinking and feeling of our heart. We allow our spark of divinity to guide us.

When the path to heart thinking and feeling widens, we become more of who we truly are. For that to happen, some people believe it takes a special miracle—others already see the miracles of Source in the everyday thick of things—regardless, heart thinking and feeling increase when perspective shifts. This story comes to mind.

One of my friends in our monthly Story Circle Potluck gatherings had been trained as a dive bomber (SB2C-Helldiver plane) in the Naval Air Corps in preparation to be called into military service. He and other trainees were indoctrinated with hate and the instinct to annihilate the enemy. Later the attack on Pearl Harbor set the stage for the U.S. to enter WW II. As my friend returned to civilian life, deep-seated feelings associated with his training were repressed.

He became an inquisitive, kind-hearted college professor and independent sculptor with a long, creative career. In retirement, sixty-five years post military, health challenges led him to become a patient of a young, gentle and competent doctor who used steroid injections to correct back issues. At the end of an injection appointment, my friend was told he could sit up. He looked at the doctor as the expert lowered his mask to his chin, revealing large, Japanese eyes. There was a brief moment when their eyes met, and my friend’s Ego surfaced in thought: “You know, doctor, it seems only a short time ago that I was physically, emotionally, and technically prepared to drop a bomb on your grandfather.” (my friend’s memoir, p. 49) My friend’s authentic self vibrantly shone forth and the dark thought faded. We can always count on our inner spark of divinity for the appropriate perspective.

Instead of resolutions today, let’s send out vibrations of heart thinking and feeling to the planet and all entities in oneness. Let’s demonstrate who we truly are. Deep in our hearts springs acceptance for self and others, love to overcome all challenges, light as it defines shadow and offers possibilities, openheartedness that bridges all separation, and wisdom to be authentic.

Allow Acceptance.





In the quiet moments: What would it take to move to the thinking and feeling of our hearts? To access our inner spark of divinity? To be more authentic?

© 2015 Barbara L. Krause