your heart song is forever

To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.

~Arne Garborg, 1851-1924, Norwegian writer; translated The Odyssey into New Norwegian

In witnessing over one hundred external and internal experiences with Source, I believe that Arne Garborg’s quote is exactly how Source takes care of us. This infinite font of grace and supply continuously loves, supports, and offers us messages for our highest good—messages of awakening—with complete acceptance. Yet, because we are human, many of us sleep right through the wake-up calls. Possibilities to open, be compassionate, and understand our oneness with each other pass us by as we blindly tick-off the boxes on our “to-do” list. Still Source patiently waits for us to understand.

For many of us, identifying with “being” is unfamiliar. We are bulldozing fixers, arrogant believers in our own knowledge, and “doers” supreme. We have spent most of our lives differentiating ourselves and competing at all costs to be successful through accumulation of wealth, reputation, and material goods. Feeling fairly smug, it’s hard to admit that most of the time we have slogged through life disregarding Source, never believing that a true Self existed, let alone that we would someday meet face-to-face.

We have struggled and suffered, chalking it up to the naïveté of Adam’s and Eve’s apple munching, shaking our heads at the fate of generation after generation. The more we demonstrate our omniscience, the more we convey the way of Ego. Busyness keeps us distracted so we can manipulate our outcomes. We are on top of the world. We are invincible. With state-of-the-art medical technologies, we can even outsmart death, at least for awhile. This finality is for others—so sad for them—yet we cannot spend time thinking about it (because then it might happen to us!). On happy days, we welcome caring for others, particularly our aging parents. Our hearts are comforted by the availability to purchase in-home care or insurance. No biggie. Impermanence? What’s impermanence? We are separate from Source and loving it. Who needs an “awakening” journey or a heart song?

Then it happens. Impermanence abruptly turns our heads. We’re sorry that we hadn’t thought about the “I” word, nor wondered what it would be like should it become part of our life. Now Devastation walks right in and throws around its weight. How come such horrible dis-ease is happening to us? We’ve led a golden life, with a golden career, a golden spouse or partner and children, a golden home, and golden friends. This can’t be possible! Life does not come with guarantees; events simply happen. Where is this God that is always supposed to protect us? to be in “our corner”? to allow only the good things to unfold? What a ruse! Surely it’s an oversight. We’ve been brushed aside, forgotten. Anger, guilt or shame consumes us. Barely surviving these emotions, we realize that something exists that is greater than we are, and it’s to our advantage to reach out to it.

Have we really been forgotten? Has Source actually given up on us? That’s just Ego whining. We apologize and bargain. After all, we believe that we’ve done all the “right” things: listened to Ego’s advice, ate organic foods, drank only purified water, exercised on schedule, volunteered, and offered kindness. That’s enough, isn’t it?

Enough for what? To feel good about hearing accolades for being a highly celebrated person? To ease our suffering at the time of death? To get us into heaven? Our busyness actually blocks Source messages from coming to us. Quickly we change our thinking and remember that when we feel forgotten by our higher power, it is we who need to clear some blockages. Urgently we ask the questions, How do I find an awakening journey? Does a heart song come with it?

How much of our day has been spent reflecting less on drama and more on what really matters in life: ways to slow down in order to find portals to Source; thankfulness for everything in life, both great and small; the role of initiating self-compassion and compassion for others; and the discovery of a softened and relaxed heart that opens to the wisdom of consciousness.  It is never too late or too early to start pondering.

Many of us accomplish our secondary purpose, to find our talents and gifts and share them with the world. Our primary purpose, however and one that we all share, is to increase awareness of oneness with all other energies and move confidently toward remergence with Source. Have we made strides in that direction? Have we taken time daily to reflect on the questions, Who am I? What constitutes a meaningful life? How fulfilling are my relationships? Now we know what has been deep within our core and all but forgotten.

Clarity through infinite answers and direction waits for us, now that we know where and how to look. Source cares for us, loves us, and sings our heart song to us, as we gently awaken to connectedness. Benefiting by knowing our own heart song, we extend love to others by signing their heart songs.  We connect and daily walk toward the light.

Integrated perspective: Our humanness sometimes interferes with our “being,” and Source whispers our heart song. We stir. Sometimes we overlook our capacity to love and receive love, and Source chants our heart song. We yearn. Sometimes we forget how important it is to recognize and celebrate the connection of all energies, and Source soulfully sings our heart song. Remembering, we leap for joy!

Song: To Love Someone by Paul Krause:

© 2015 in the thick of things

By Divine Appointment

In our busyness, we encounter many challenges, some mandatory and others, elective. However, none is as revealing or as life-changing as the exploration of our personal sacredness: the exploration of our soul. Walking this path is neither mandatory nor elective; it is by divine appointment and offers the choice for new awareness, contemplation, and vision. Untouched by the traditional measurements of time, subjective merit, or competitive scores, this journey requires times of committed solitude—a leveled playing field unlike any we’ve ever known.


Often, after the bulk of our earthly experience (somewhere around fifty-five), Source in its immense wisdom, nudges us with time and fills us with questions about our true nature. Deserving, loveable, and qualified in the highest sense of the cosmos, each of us, when we feel moved, can choose to embark on this journey. Our inner knowing will tell us when the time is right. Or, as the old adage states, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”


Yet, this path may not be for everyone—it is a personal decision. Make no mistake, this arduous journey challenges everything we’ve believed to be real; explores the depths of our heart and mind, exposing emotional and potentially painful “stuff”; requires consistent “showing up” in the face of glitzy distractions; and necessitates the surrender of attachments and old habits—without arguments! Truly, we know nothing of this exploration and are not in charge.


Absolute trust in Source is fundamental because there will be moments when we feel like we’re moving two steps forward, only to stumble three steps back; moments when we are completely overwhelmed and want to give up; and moments when we feel that we have been abandoned. A refrigerator magnet verse captures this dilemma: Old age isn’t for sissies! Discovering our truth takes boldness and a willingness to be transparent; the journey to understanding our sacredness is not for the faint of heart.


Yet, taking this journey is highly gratifying and, ultimately, raises the vibration of the overall energy in the universe. It fosters connectivity among us. It is crucial to remember that Source loves and welcomes us, and that our soul is immortal. Our body is safe as we move toward the light of awareness. This exploration is priceless.


What might we encounter when we choose this journey into personal sacredness—who we are? Quiet ah-ha’s. Shocking illusions. Outright resistance. Denial. Forgiveness. Tears. Pieces of our history coming together. Acceptance. Laughter. New appreciation and gratitude. Immeasurable love and compassion. A new way of being. Because this path exists outside of time and space as we understand it, familiar navigation strategies are not effective. Pushing, forcing and striving simply do not work on this path. In fact, it is best to forget any tips, tricks, and workarounds that have been picked up along life’s way. Survival on this path is quite different. This is the way of new understanding, of “being.” It is a way to dissect truth and clarity from stories and illusions. Through perseverance we learn who we truly are.

Experiencing nudges from “out of the blue” and questions where answers are indistinct or seemingly non-existent are signs that it is time to embark. A dedicated space, a commitment to uninterrupted time, and the intention to begin cue the path. The search for our sacredness is always tied to the present moment, where life really happens. Repetitive action completed in a focused way keeps the mind from wandering. Walking, painting, star gazing, gardening, or peeling fruit are practices that help our mind override distractions. Without commotion, there is more space for Source to reside.


Now to the all-important question: Who am I?



Inwardly speaking:  Find some time and space where you can simply “be.” Are you hoping, wishing, or praying for direction? Do the same questions arise, almost haunting you? Do you have a burning desire to know? A divine appointment is calling you.


© 2015 Barbara L. Krause

fifty layers inward

Fifty blog entries since November! Opened to the awareness of Source, we are surprised, amazed, and perhaps even delighted to discover that an energy greater than we are is everywhere—confirmed by our senses—when we intend to be open to it. Our desire for awareness of Source, on a weekly, if not daily basis; commitment to stillness, and time to reflect on the concepts from In the quiet moments pave the way to a more meaningful life. The result is wholeness, body, mind, and Ego joined; genuine gratitude for our life and for those lives of others; and unwavering peace of mind. What could be better?

With this state of new-found awareness, what’s next? A natural segue is to turn inward and explore who we are and what gives meaning to our life. Exploring the layers of our life brings us face-to-face with the truth of who we really are. It may be the first time, in along  time, that we take deep breaths, sit without an agenda, and actually pay attention to our caffeine fix as it caresses our throat with warmth and comfort. It may be the first time that we realize the impermanence of things we thought would remain forever. It may be the first time that we question old stories and beliefs. It may be the first time that we contemplate what is truly important to us. And, it may be the first time we look at who we are beyond our labels. Continuing with our numerical theme, let’s explore fifty layers inward.

Our body is the most obvious place to start our inward journey. This unique presentation of intellect, desires, abilities, and personality is precious and special to Source. From birth to our twenties, our identity is derived from those with whom we connect on a regular basis: parents, teachers, and friends. We think. We interface. We communicate—all in a similar fashion. We are socialized beings, yet we are still works-in-progress, green to the art of controlled self-expression.

Our mid-years focus on three levels of body training: the external quest (toning the body), the internal quest (steadiness and ease of mind), and the innermost quest (compassionate spirit). Balancing these three quests helps the body to express its full potential in the areas of family, career, and community. Purity and sensitivity are key attributes to achieving human potential. Purity, generally aligned with internal honor and high moral standards, can also be defined by the external deliverables of compassion to see clearly, followed by specific action. Sensitivity is the defeat of rigid thinking (prejudice) and egotistical action in any situation (tyranny). [Paraphrased: Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar, p.24-25]

It is into our fifties that most of us become more financially and emotionally stable. We begin to assess our lives and determine what should come next. The state of our body is no longer taken for granted. Comparison and grasping for the next best situation is trumped by reflection. B.K.S. Iyengar in Light on Life, p.23 states, “Health begins with firmness in body, deepens to emotional stability, then leads to intellectual clarity, wisdom, and finally the unveiling of the soul.”

When we are in balance, our internal light is bright and stable; we meet the difficulties of life without increasing the drama around us. We accept the present moment, regardless of what it brings. Repeating this acceptance until we are on the upswing gets us through challenging times.


Inwardly speaking:  Over the next six months, you may discover fifty ways to leave the self you currently know. In doing so, you enter a sacred time of turning inward. You welcome a bit of withdrawal, silence, simplicity, peace and love that is understood. You begin to care for your essence in preparation to some day remerge with Source. The first step is setting aside time to calm your mind, then engaging in the quiet, and then appreciating the solitude.  Remember self-compassion as it may take multiple attempts.


© 2015 Barbara L. Krause