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room 107

Ego  I’m trying to partner with you in life, yet I’m confused. Your hospice friend has passed, yet you continue to work with her memoir. Why?

Higher Self  In life we develop friendships that differ in longevity. Although my hospice friend and I knew each other for only a short time, I feel like our dialogues had depth and meaning. We shared curiosity, generosity and the same era in growing up. Our daughters faced similar challenges. All of these things became apparent in Room 107.

Ego  I thought you had grieved and would want to move on.

Higher Self  No one can know how long grief lingers or the impact of decisions made. I viewed my hospice friend as a vibrant spirit and role model who overcame varying degrees of adversity throughout her life and shared from her higher consciousness about forgiveness. We exchanged similar values and ideas about spirituality. I learned so much from her and waned to share it with others.

Ego  I don’t know too much about spirituality—that’s one of those topics that covers a wide range of perspectives. However, I can recite facts from her early days of religious upbringing and teaching in a parochial school. But, don’t talk about death and dying. (Whispering) Those subjects mean an end to me, an end to form.

Higher Self  Yes, death requires that Body, or form, stays behind. Yet, in life, my friend’s Ego kept her safe and made healthy decisions without taking over. Her Ego had done its job, helping her to feel stable and interact harmoniously. It was most likely her long-term view of what had become her life that hastened her decision for freedom.

Ego  Ahhh, what wisdom did you learn from her?

Higher Self  I learned that…

*You can accept the difficulties in life without giving up on life; that it is precious and worth all its trials and challenges; it’s a feeling of being shaped and molded for something better—yet you don’t know what.

*You can overcome great adversities with compassion and a softened heart.

*When you get out of your own way and return to the truth of who you are, the universe will unconditionally encourage and support all that you think, say, and do.

*When you witness another’s suffering, you can experience release from your own suffering that may have been camouflaged for years.

*When you forgive, you allow light and release to flood the qualities and actions that have habitually plagued you. You understand. You no longer feel heaviness or shame. You recognize and honor your connection with Source.

For all of these things, I am grateful.

Ego  Wow, my reservoir of knowledge has tripled—I’m swimming. That’s a lot of learning in one room!



© 2015 Barbara L. Krause