positive outcomes are approaching

Non-discriminating. Futile resistance. Complex. COVID-19. Separation and isolation have flattened the curve for the spread of the virus, yet our humanness is left confused, caught and confined. The virus has forced us into situations we could not have imagined. However, we may gradually understand the upshot of slowing down, pondering topics we have been avoiding, or appreciating the smallest things in life—all lessons in flow.

Many of us spend  much of our time resisting. Complaining. Pointing fingers. Denying. We want things to go our way, all the time. We want guarantees: No surprises. No directives. No changes. We want to be in control. However, this is not how life comes to us, and, when we are honest, we realize that life has never been this way. The pandemic underscores that life is continuously in flux. 

When we trade control for flexibility in mind and heart, we trust beyond what we can see. Allowing our hearts to be truly softened and open leads to feeling more balanced. A higher vantage shows life to be a swinging  pendulum. With patience, we stay out of fear and remain steady. We wait. In due time, the pendulum returns. Realizing that our circumstances will not remain in adversity, we hold to the confidence that positive outcomes are approaching—for all of us. Before we know it, we emerge from the chaos, intact, yet wiser.

It is undeniable that we may feel isolated, lonely, or separated from life as we once knew it, but these are external circumstances, ones that are visible.  An invisible force, Source, is in and around us. Source—also known by other names such as God, the Universe, our Life Force, or Love—is with us.

Let us trust the invisible—something that is difficult for us to do. To help with this, we look back on the milestones of our lives, circumstances that tested our existence, resilience, or relationships. More often than not, we discover that a presence we could not explain, yet one we definitely felt, was with us. Often hindsight is the perspective needed to truly recognize the influence of divine guidance. We came to this world to learn. Open hearts and minds encourage a sense of “knowing.” Recalling that Source was with us at earlier turning points in our lives, it naturally follows that Source is here with us now and will continue to be part of our journey.

Fears can hijack the best of intentions, causing us to waffle. We hold steady and trust that there is a greater purpose at hand, regardless of how things appear. During quiet moments, we allow the depths of our hearts to “speak” to us. We can handle more than we think we can. Inner strength gathers, and miraculously, we are able to bear chaos, dis-ease or other difficult circumstances.   

This is a time of calming, healing, and loving ourselves, of sending these vibrations to family members or friends, and of wishing the same to those within our community and beyond. This is hope in action.

From a higher vantage: Our relationship with Source gives us stability. Add to that, collaboration within a loving community. This is how we get through chaotic times.

© 2020 in the thick of things

2 thoughts on “positive outcomes are approaching”

  1. We sure can use this in this crazy days where the media constantly using fear tactic to control our mind. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Barbara I love your calm and inner wisdom oozing from within.
    Thank God I stay connected to Source each day and my sense of purpose
    My family wants to protect me and yet that calls for isolation which is not the answer for me to stay healthy as my love connections keep me happy and fulfilled. Why do we ask ourselves to isolate at a time to we need one another more than ever. Why does the news keep prolonging our dates of new beginnings. Who are these people we keep handing our power to each day. Not healthy for sure. Blessings to you.

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