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sacred bonds ll

Ready for more depth? Embrace Heartbeats and dialogues between Ego and higher Self. Matters of the heart, expressed through prose poems, and mental repartees, expressed as conversation, await you.  Easily identifying with these emotions and feelings, you will need no extended explanation or added glitz. The words rise. They fall. They are filed in your recesses. Unless you choose to ponder…


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Dialogues give personality to Ego and higher Self. Often they appear as if they are preparing for a joust. Yet, as the narratives demonstrate, Ego and higher Self can reach degrees of compromise and befriending. It takes patience, understanding, and sometimes simply agreeing to disagree. As parts of our holistic being, body, mind, Ego and our internal spark of Source create harmony when they affirm each other. Yet, there can be that blatantly humorous side. With exposure to these prose poems, your awareness grows, and you become a vibrant iris blossom. Become friends with the prose poems, perhaps breaking to refresh your senses by visiting one of several calming video respites throughout the website. read more… read more… read more read more… read more… read more… read more… read more… read more… read more…


Words are for pondering. Pause with a respite of nature. It is a background to soften your heart and mind and beckon your higher Self. You become relaxed and insightful.