One Cycle Fits All

It is a natural and normal function within the universe. It is natural and normal for all energies. It is natural and normal for humans, being. The full cycle of emergence, existence, and dissolution (commonly recognized as beginning, middle, and end) is part of our DNA. We cannot escape, completely deny, or make it go away. Why, then, are we so resistant to embracing the cycle, especially when it is labeled birth, life, and death?


Let’s consider this cycle as it applies to our bodies, starting with life-giving breath. We don’t even think about what is happening with our breath. Breathing naturally and normally is automatic; we do not need to do anything. As humans, being, we have the comfort of Source breathing us.


Biological rhythms are another part of our internal functioning that operates on cycles. Affected individually by physical, mental, and emotional rhythms we personally observe fluctuations inherent in emergence, existence, and dissolution. Sleep apnea, jet lag, night shift work, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are reactions to our unique biological rhythms. “People frequently talk about body clocks, a term that refers to the patterns of energy and exhaustion, functioning and resting, and wakefulness and sleep that characterize everyday life.”


Many of our cells naturally regenerate at their prescribed rate. Stomach cells regenerate in two to nine days, while red blood cells regenerate every four months. Another example is a cut finger. Ten to thirty days covers the cycle of emerging damage, existing healing, and dissolution of the cut. On the other hand, the cells in the lens of our eyes never regenerate. We carry these cells (or deficiencies due to injury) with us for life.


A constant presence behind-the-scenes, this cycle doesn’t phase most of us until a major trauma occurs. Even then, we tend to dismiss the event, wondering why it had to happen in the first place. That is impermanence showing up, carrying with it another opportunity to be in the present moment, to accept circumstances. When we pay attention to the cycle at-hand and understand it to be a natural and normal part of daily living, we develop an attitude of ease. Resistance fades. Practicing acceptance when life does not go the way we expect will help us to live with less fear, anxiety, and insistence on control. In that space, we offer more love to ourselves and to others. Recognizing and understanding the cycle of emergence, existence, and dissolution is paramount to witnessing near-death, death, and after death experiences as a time of growth.


Time and time again, Source has provided internal examples of the natural and normal cycle of emergence, existence, and dissolution. Accepting this cycle in our living years will condition us to embrace our own nearing death experiences, the actual moment of death, and the after death experience with less resistance, denial, and fear. Let’s think of remerging with Source as passages of growth, love, and light.


We look forward to births and the “years of our becoming.” We express gratitude for safe passage, loving wishes for the unique unfolding of essence, fulfillment of passion and purpose, community support, and awareness of grace from Source. May we accept these aspects and align with them in death.



Inwardly speaking: May we be in life as we wish to be in death. Like the Phoenix from Greek mythology that finds its new beginning, leaving behind blazing flames (resistance) or simple decomposition (acceptance), we have a choice in spinning our legacy.



© 2015 Barbara L. Krause

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