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  • A Calling of Love
    “Now there is a whisper: a calling of love toward further becoming.” I go for a period of time with no awareness of change, and then, suddenly I experience a eureka moment—total joy, triumph, or breakthrough! The flowers that a tree displays before they turn into leaves or a date for my website completion. At … Continue reading A Calling of Love
  • The Mask—to Hide or Show?
    Within minutes, the environment changed from a painted, asphalt parking lot to shades of lushness in a magical forest. It’s amazing how overcast skies enrich every detail. The three of us paused at a divergent path, pondering. Once considered to be hiding behind our masks, a regret from the past, we now celebrate our true … Continue reading The Mask—to Hide or Show?
  • Revelation. Release. Remergence.®
    It’s been nearly eight weeks. Without a wig to tend or image to guard, I can feel at home with my natural Self. I continue to celebrate full alignment with a greater energy and the ease and flow of being transparent. Yet, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t mention that, occasionally, my ego … Continue reading Revelation. Release. Remergence.®
  • Why Become Transparent?
    Yes, I got a haircut! Yes, my true Self is radiant and free! Yes, I intend my daring transparency to encourage others to radiate true light. Right now, you may be thinking: Shocking! It makes me feel uncomfortable.   OR I’m so glad I have my hair.   OR This kind of courage inspires me!! Showing up … Continue reading Why Become Transparent?
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