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  • do you look and see?
    I can see it in your eyes, my Grandma Millie said. Let’s find something else to do. How did she know that I, at the tender age of eight, was bored with playing dominoes? I wasn’t interested in building necessarily and setting up a chain reaction with the thin, black blocks was entertaining for only … Continue reading do you look and see?
  • a new path is unfolding
    So many losses! Deaths. Vanished livelihoods and businesses burned to the ground.  Misunderstood and thwarted equal human rights for every individual. Food and product shortages. Upended finances. Waning health insurance. Evictions, fear of rioting, or living out of cars on a Walmart parking lot. Uprooted rules due to COVID-19. Weather calamities. Presidential election rhetoric. Truth, … Continue reading a new path is unfolding
  • facing the “vir”us
    It challenges my core being: All that is meaningful to me,             All that I love,             All that I am. It strips me to basics and less, while insisting on more.             Reminding me of my vulnerability.             Revealing my dependence on the external.             Reframing my thoughts about community. It is at once … Continue reading facing the “vir”us
  • appearance or fact?
    Higher Self, the inner voice of wisdom in each person, notices that Ego, the inner voice of habit and self-preservation, is aligning with fear based on appearances. Ego: I just can’t stop thinking about Covid-19. If body contracts the virus, it will be the end of me. I want to live forever! Higher Self: Everyone … Continue reading appearance or fact?
  • overriding the undercurrent
    You cannot ignore the shocking events of the last weeks in the Twin Cities. Responding to police brutality in the death of George Floyd, protestors looted, started fires, and challenged as the National Guard was deployed. Already faced with exasperating circumstances created by COVID-19, everyone has felt an added layer of fear and frustration with … Continue reading overriding the undercurrent