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  • Why Become Transparent?
    Yes, I got a haircut! Yes, my true Self is radiant and free! Yes, I intend my daring transparency to encourage others to radiate true light. Right now, you may be thinking: Shocking! It makes me feel uncomfortable.   OR I’m so glad I have my hair.   OR This kind of courage inspires me!! Showing up … Continue reading Why Become Transparent?
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  • the one thing there is plenty of
    After nine months, I’d had enough. Every level of life felt like a challenge—for what seemed an eternity. I needed a distraction. The image of tying a knot at the end of a rope, as the expression goes, and just hanging on came to mind. What I saw from that vantage was plenty of trauma: … Continue reading the one thing there is plenty of
  • light up the dark!
    For just a moment, close your eyes. Imagine these global-reaching gifts for the holidays… Awareness of individual ancestry and culture Respect for nature A place to call home Access to clean water No person or animal left unfed Simple lifestyles and expectations Enough sustainable income Coexistence of differences and inclusiveness Love and harmony exchanged A … Continue reading light up the dark!
  • contribution, not credit
    We are witnesses in constant crossfires. Extended months and days of the pandemic and the calamities in its wake. Obvious social, economic, racial, and leadership contrasts across continents, but particularly during and leading up to our country’s ongoing presidential election. The crucial impact from people and businesses not taking Mother Earth seriously echoes increasing weather … Continue reading contribution, not credit