me! die?


The me! die?® series of three programs is a venture into deeper connection and personal awareness of loss, dying, and death. Here, you gather in community in a safe and confidential space to have thoughtful dialogues or to simply listen to ideas about the compassionate areas in life: loving, relating to others, serving, listening, and understanding. By participating in dialogues, you gain increased awareness about yourself, others, and the energy around you. In coming together, you  begin to realize—and remember—that you are not separate from any other energy; rather, you are a contributing energy within the universe.

Over the last 125 years, society has significantly changed its view of dying and death. To many, it represents failure and defeat, rather than a natural progression of life. Contrast the advertisements promoting the fullness and beauty of youth with the invisibility of aging, loss, dying and death. Few believe that there are lessons to be learned from a dying loved one’s life. If only you could open to the majestic reverence of end-of-life experiences. Most of the time, impersonal care and expediency supersede personal loving care and dignity. This has changed the way you grieve and mourn. However, not exploring these life transitions maintains your fear, anger, separation, and confusion, keeping you from living fully.

Softening to loss, dying, death and, ultimately, to life is about arriving at that point where materialism, competition, striving, expertise, and reputation are no longer your goals, even though most have spent a lifetime pursuing them. Instead, you understand and appreciate the necessity of quiet spaces, inner contemplation of the truth of who you are, and exploration of “being” rather than “doing.” Through me! die?® dialogues, you learn that you are not alone in your thinking, that new perspectives just might be what you need, and that all dialogues build community. The reality is “We’re all just walking each other home,” ~ Ram Dass.

As dialogue circles, me! die?® gatherings expand our consciousness about loss, dying, death, and life. Birth and death are the covers that hold the book of life. If you’re willing to listen and value honest conversations, you will discover aha’s, facts, and some lightness about topics that have too long been in the dark.

In short, these dialogues are perfect when you are ready to…

  • be open to a deeper exploration of loss, dying, and death and
  • feel less fear, anger, separation, and confusion regarding this part of the cycle of life.

By participating in the me! die?® dialogues program, you begin to observe your life from the inside, out.  You recognize how fragile life really is and see the value of acceptance over resistance. Your heart softens, and you welcome new directions.

COMING SOON… Zoom Workshops

Contact about me! die?® programs that focus on leading questions, participant dialogues, and activities to explore loss, dying, and death. Through candid conversations, participants realize how similar they are to one another. Fear, denial, or complacency are learned responses. There is no separation, only love and oneness in community.