Life happens. You’re in the thick of things—sometimes up to your ears in alligators.  Are you there, Source? we wonder. Are you frustrated when life seems to foil your expectations and you want them your way? Do you feel alone in your suffering? Do you wonder if there is more to the universe than just the obvious? A greater energy is always around and within when you know how to look.

“in the thick of things,” a website of spiritual self-discovery, is designed to offer opportunities for exploration and respite as your consciousness is revealed. Demanding, yet worth every moment of self-examination, this journey of commitment is the most important one of your lifetime. It is an opportunity to slow down, ponder, and discover who you are without all your labels. When you pay attention to your external life, witness the internal effects of an energy greater than you are, and integrate your findings, you discover your true Self and what really matters in life. You are the champion of your own transformation.

The symbol for this journey of personal spiritual awakening is the mystical and sacred lotus flower. It symbolizes the beauty, grace, and spiritual rebirth of your awareness and growing consciousness.  Three distinct forms of the lotus flower grace the website: a tightly wrapped bud, making its way to the surface to soak in the wisdom of light; a vibrant blossom, unfolding in knowledge and experience; and a mature, light-filled, and resilient flower head, expanding with insight and understanding. These symbols support the inner work that is calling to you.

You are like the lotus. It begins as a seed in mud and murk at the bottom of a pond and takes three days to surface as a bud, always mindfully moving toward the light, despite what it encounters. This movement represents spiritual potential.  Once above water, the bud expands, one petal at a time, into a breathtaking flower, and then into a stunning, light-filled, mature beauty. Each day, you experience new ways to become in tune with a greater energy.

The lotus sends vibrations of harmony and emotional balance. Magenta represents universal love at its highest level and furthers compassion, kindness, and contentment. Like the lotus, each day you have an opportunity to choose a greater quality of life and a more thorough understanding of who you are.

In the evening, the flower closes and returns to the mud and murk, only to repeat its journey to the light the next morning, without insult. This defies logic. Yet, don’t you often say the same about your circumstances or those of others? The lotus journey from darkness into light represents the human path toward greater awakening of Self: revelation, release, and remergence.

The mud represents your humanness or lessons of personal, spiritual development. It shows you who you are. Perhaps you learn that you can weather challenges with the help of gratitude, mindfulness, intentions, and the knowledge that a greater energy desires your highest good. The lotus unfolds one petal at a time; likewise, you overcome adversities to find your divine potential and purpose in the universe.

Information that you discover here is based on observations—neither right nor wrong.  These observations are simply offered. You explore and take away what resonates. At a second or subsequent visit, something new may step forward. Like the lotus, you may feel fragile on the surface, yet you are always anchored to the earth. You are stronger than you know.

The sacred, ancient spiral, back-lighted against the sun, symbolizes the cosmic force. The spiral represents life change, beginning at your core and continuing to magnify outwardly toward Source or a greater energy. You change from the inside, out. Light, a universal symbol, offers goodness, hope, and strength to endure struggles and life lessons. It also represents creativity and optimism.

Consider the website content in terms of ten insightful categories: awakening, death, ego, gratitude, healing, higher Self, humanness, love, oneness, and present moment. These categories help you to realize the abundant, constant love that is always available to you. Not only are you connected to an energy greater than you are, but you are also connected to all other energies. This insight helps you to appreciate your life and its sacredness. You are ready to deepen your connections, individually and within community.  Your heart is opening wider toward greater healing and awakening.


Words are for pondering. Pause with a respite of nature. It is a background to soften your heart and mind and beckon your higher Self. You become relaxed and insightful.