Integration 101

Look at me! That’s the hidden message that we strive to project in the first half of our lives. In some form, we yearn to stand out. We believe it is our reason for existence. Personalities, careers, reputations, appearances, recognition, and material goods pave the way to separating ourselves from everyone else—and Source—as we are strongly influenced by our ego and outer circumstances.

Then, in the second half of our lives, if we choose to become more contemplative, we discover that inward reflection brings about clarity of true Self. As we move into our late sixties and early seventies, we begin to understand the value of integration, focusing on and bringing together aspects of our lives that really matter: gratitude, listening, relationships, lessons learned from experience, and how we want to be remembered. Certainly there are other aspects, yet this is a helpful list for starters.

Integration brings to mind energy. We are complex beings whose energies often go beyond our sensory perceptions, often without our knowing. This happened to one of my friends who discovered that he was a conduit for Source’s healing energy.  He has now offered energy healing for nearly twenty-five years.

Bob (fictitious name) was offering a foot rub, a gesture of comfort, to a good friend who was dying of HIV. The friend said that he could feel amazing energy coming from Bob’s hands and that he should pursue this gift of healing energy. It didn’t occur to Bob that his hands could deliver strong, healing energy. He didn’t understand or believe it. His gift went largely unnoticed for two or three years. The death of his friend, however, prompted him to learn more about this kind of healing and his role in it.

What Bob learned as an energy healer was to trust in his gift; doubting and wondering Why me? only created blockages to the flow of healing. He could have no expectations, no control. He could only show up and be ready for service. Those seeking healing would find him. Bob became a channel for Source’s energy as it flowed through him. Finding a virtual freeway, energy unconditionally flows to the receiver, its method and destinations known only by Source. Once awakened to his gift, Bob knew he would always use it.

In addition to helping to overcome physical ailments, energy healing can also positively affect emotional and psychological demons. Again, the energy healer is the conduit. Colors representing heart energy and the energy of other chakras often can be seen by the recipient, as well as mental images symbolizing the body’s distress. Any nay-saying or worrying about the existence of a higher power instantly disappears in the presence of an energy healing session. A palpable sense of awe and a powerful knowing permeates both healer and participant.

Everything is energy, and not one single action goes unnoticed by the universe. There may not be an immediate, telling reaction, yet, over time (maybe a lapse of hundreds of years), the action receives a response. Because we are all connected energies, it is essential that we bring lovingkindness to each moment through our thoughts, words, and actions.  This ability begins with mindful introspection, where we find our true Selves, and pass along what is needed.


From a higher vantage: Yes, Look at me! Now I stand out for a different reason. I recognize the inner beauty of being ordinary and being loved by Source. I no longer require the surface appeal of outside approval or material goods. Deep down I know who I am and feel content. Lovingkindness and interconnectness guide me.

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