going deeper

A second program, me! die? going deeper, takes discoveries within circumstances and relationships to a new level. An extensive internal journey embraces the unknowns of loss, dying, and death through the familiar lenses of connections, courage, communications, and spiritual empowerment. Participants go broader and deeper, resulting  in releasing understandings that cover truth and resonance. Participants explore choices, stories, preparations, fear, love, and wisdom.

Like the first program, going deeper is completed over four, three-hour sessions that increasingly move from the tangible toward the intangible.  It is not intended to be a self-help or support group, debate, or venue that has all the answers. Dialogues help participants to learn that they are not alone in their thinking and that to speak of death encourages living more fully and increased peace of mind.

A confidential, keepsake workbook offers new activities and reflections. It is  designed to be thoughtfully revisited over the years to witness individual growth in personal awareness of loss, dying, and death. Simply put, the second program offers a greater in-depth study of loss, dying, death, and ultimately, life.

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