facing the “vir”us

It challenges my core being:

All that is meaningful to me,

            All that I love,

            All that I am.

It strips me to basics and less, while insisting on more.

            Reminding me of my vulnerability.

            Revealing my dependence on the external.

            Reframing my thoughts about community.

It is at once primitive, yet sophisticated.

            Carrying with it ruthless lessons,

            Defying medical knowledge,

            Creating opportunities (when taken) for being and sensing differently.

Virus, you depend on me to thrive. And I am designed to thrive also!

I consider its layered impact, the sound of it. I feel expulsion on my breath. Virus. 

Based on the Sanskrit word “vir,” the meaning is to overpower.

“Vir”us: overpower us.


            I use common sense and follow health mandates, overpowering statistics.

            I turn toward uncertainty and release panic, overpowering trends.

            I embody love, I love, and I am loved, overpowering fear.

Each day I set an intention to flourish as I…

            Align with an energy greater than I am.

Know that I am safe, no matter what life brings to the moment.

Love myself as I am, including the parts I don’t like, transcending illusions.

Soften without insistence of “my way.”

Notice when and where I tighten, so I know relaxation.

Observe my ingrained habits with patience and kindness.

Realize that the virus is not discerning: it wants what it wants.

I always have choices that help me feel comfortable and connect in community.

Do I live realizing that life consists of both pleasure and pain? Then my heart is big enough to comfort others.

Do I own and work with my unresolved issues? Then I can help others with resolution.

Do I accept that life is unpredictable, and that resistance makes things worse? Then I am ready to encourage others to flow.

I face the “vir”us, a transformation of life.

From a higher vantage: Five months have challenged me to ponder what really matters in life, to weigh if my values and beliefs on all levels are true or out-of-date, to cherish all connections, and to seek shared aspirations in social and community issues. And that’s a good thing. 

© 2020 in the thick of things

3 thoughts on “facing the “vir”us”

  1. Your words, your observations, your experience resonate completely with my own. Thank you for framing this extraordinary moment in time with truth and compassion.

  2. I think of the virus as a chemical reaction but variable, depending on circumstances. Some people get very sick and die, while others are infected but don’t get sick or very sick. Of course we take precautions but I don’t think of CoVid as something that is out to get us, no more than water is out to slack our thirst. These are difficult times. There are so many contradictory voices. We need to help each other be cautious and brave, sympathetic and self caring. Ultimately, we all die which is the next stage of life. I see my challenge is to self actualize and to help those around me express their own unique nature. We are spirits that have a body. The body will not last, and at 68 I am more aware of this than ever. I’ve lately had an image of a cicada who molts and leaves it empty shell behind as a transformative act, one that brings us closer to the Devine nature of life. Be well, be brave, take care. God bless us, every one.

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