each moment—more than you can imagine

Dear Reader,
2020! May it be a year and decade that brings love, clarity, new perspectives, and courage in the face of each moment. Yet, here is how the moments usually go…

During the Status Quo
• You are quick to agree completely with stories generated by ego.
• You automatically accept as truth stories read or heard from others.
• On the outside, you appear to be healthy, positive, and happy.
• So confident about life, you push it to the extreme: self-referencing, arrogance, competitiveness

After a Curveball
• You struggle, always justifying.
• You insist on your way, inviting long-term stress.
• You resist and act out (yes, even as adults!).
• So upset with life, you push it to the extreme: compromised immune system, criticism, depression, possible suicidal thoughts.

From Fear Emerges Inner Peace
• You are led into fear by a sneaky ego (personifies a habit) that fears change and desires only self-preservation. It likes power, control, and the status quo.
• Under your ego’s influence, resistance manifests as doubt, anger, comparisons, duality thinking (opposites: good – bad), escalation, and chaos.
• Your awareness to open your heart, leading to inner peace, has not yet reached the tipping point. It is more comfortable staying under the thumb of your fear(s). Defensive, you vow to cling to all that represents you and yours. Shadow thoughts, feelings, images, and actions lead, blinding you to inner peace.

Wait a minute!
Hold everything!
Is this the true you?

Stop! Your higher Self deserves greater reverence. Question the downward spiral. Soften your heart. Take time to look deeply within. Ahhhh, yes, there is another way to interact with each moment.

Without judgment, allow each moment to come to you. With the knowledge that everything is always changing, expand your heart and mind beyond the situation, beyond what ego and others say, beyond what you currently believe to be true. Acknowledge your situation with warmth and spaciousness (not necessarily easy!), knowing that another moment, full of options, is close at hand. Now you have offered an uncommon and approachable invitation to the moment, an opportunity that it will not refuse. With it, comes the knowledge of the universe. This is the true you.

During the Status Quo
• You are discerning about stories generated by ego. Stories that rely on the past and speculate on the future promote illusions. What stories support your circumstances in this moment?
• People offer well-intentioned advice; however, sometimes their ideas do not support your best interests. The most helpful feedback is that which validates your efforts.
• You’re well, happy, and accepting because your inner nature is to work with the will and timing of an energy greater than you are. Even though the universe is in continuous flux, you recognize that your inner nature is strong, light-filled, and capable of flowing with change. You feel at ease.

After a Curveball
• You acknowledge your situation, yet stop justifying and playing the role of “victim.” In small ways, you begin to accept what the moment holds. Resistance shrinks, creating opportunity for balance and increased happiness.
• You remain with that moment, regardless of how difficult or painful it is. This strengthens your heart and opens you to insights from the universe.
• Your immune system remains healthy, accompanied by uplifting thoughts.

From Fear Emerges Inner Peace
• You no longer follow your ego’s suggestions for distractions that take you away from the moment.
• Being honest with yourself, identify the stories underlying your fear(s). Hanging on to or pushing away things at will takes energy and is often painful. Flowing always trumps insisting and resisting.
• Intend to understand the stories behind your fear(s).
• You know what circumstances escalate or calm your fear(s); choose what makes you whole.
• Trust that your heart continues to open as your life unfolds; you experience greater inner peace.

You and I are community and need each other to share, grow, heal and love. As Antoine Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, suggests, “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” It begins with a single moment and the choices you make in its presence.

From a higher vantage: In love, I look outward with you in the same direction. We are one. Blessings in the new year!

Love, Barbara
© 2020 in the thick of things

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