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taking care of self

Time is the word we use to explain how our activities relate to the world. We speak of it as a way to organize our life, past and future: We watched The Prestige last night; tomorrow we will exercise before work. We tend to gloss over the present as that seems only a stepping stone between what we have done and what we will do. It appears to be the Western way of life. Yet, the present moment is our anchor. It is all that we can count on. It keeps us in the flow of life by offering new choices. Our life at any point is a reflection of decisions made over time.

Higher Self  Ego, you seem a bit stressed today! What’s up?!

Ego  I was comparing Body to others and wondering if I should do a better job of time management. I want Body to excel at using time efficiently and be in line for any promotions. OK, so sometimes I should delegate and don’t because there are too many variables and it takes too much time. Really, I can do everything myself and am fully capable of multi-tasking—for quite a while.

Higher Self  Comparisons are never healthy and keep Body in fear. BTW, did you know that multi-tasking has been scientifically proven to be ineffective? Everything is mediocre; nothing gets done really well. How long can you multi-task?

Ego  “Til Body gets sick or pulls a muscle. Then it’s the fault of my *%!!#* job. My boss’s expectations take advantage of Type A personality and responsible nature. Someone has to move this company forward, says the boss. If not you, who? Besides, review time is around the corner.

Higher Self  Are you really making the best use of your time when Body rebels? When you spend days on muscle relaxants? When you work through the weekend or late into the evening to “catch up”?

Ego  What can Body do? Scheduling events, visits, and conversations back-to-back gives me a sense that almost everything gets done. I just don’t look back.

Higher Self  And what happens after a string of weeks working that type of schedule with a false sense of security?

Ego  I go into overdrive. My energy “sees red.” I’m on a mission and nothing can stop me. Actually…Truth be told, I secretly want to find a desert island. It’s just that there is not time to check the travel sites (TMI!).

Higher Self  Ahem! Back to time, something that seems to control life when you let it. Take some time out for self care. Slow down and rise above the chaos by making space to receive Source’s guidance. Know that your expectations and “to-do” lists will never end. Something else always slides into the space vacated by a “to-done” item. Accepting this realization, alone, can make you less crazy. That’s another reason for accepting what comes in each moment. It keeps you focused and less likely to become part of the drama. Now it’s up to you. In each category of your life (family, work, home, entertainment for starters), decide what things are important to you and how aligning with Source will bring some sanity to your life.

Ego  Wow, that’s a clear directive and helpful too. I can’t believe that I’m actually listening to you without judgment—that’s not usually my nature. Maybe we are getting closer to working together.



© 2015 Barbara L. Krause