connecting with the magic of the singing bowl

in the thick 

of things

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connecting with the magic of the singing bowl

Higher Self   Listen to that beautiful singing Bowl! It calls me to the present moment. 

Ego  Maybe. I rather like thinking about the future. And what future is there in a Singing Bowl when it needs someone to sound it? I prefer something that is self-sufficient and responds when I point to it.

Higher Self  You really like to be in charge! The idea is that the tones of the Singing Bowl are everywhere present right now. And, the now is all we really have. Practice that awareness and be comforted.

Ego  For me, comfort translates to no action. I prefer action! How can I relive the past? I recall sounds, yet they quickly fade. What good is your Singing Bowl then?

Higher Self   I can recreate its sounds at any moment by using my intention and imagination. I remember oneness with it. Its resonance is a calming stimulant.

Ego  That’s an oxymoron.

Higher Self  You have to feel the sound to understand a sharpened, yet relaxed mind. The Singing Bowl appeals to our senses.

Ego  I suppose next you’re going to tell me to ‘feel the joy’! You’re such a Pollyanna.

Higher Self  The Singing Bowl connects all of the hearts in this room. We are riding on a great wave of vibration.

Ego  All of this is happening right now?

Higher Self  Yes, the Singing Bowl and its call to the present moment is an invitation to experience Source and witness inner truth. Why don’t you join us?

Ego  Ummm… I think I’ll just watch from afar and see what happens.