in the thick

of things

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Higher Self  Sixty-six is past middle age, one might say.

Ego  I actually haven’t thought that much about it. 

Higher Self  Why not?

Ego  Truthfully? I don’t want to face my mortality (Did I say that?).

Higher Self  Senior Citizen, one might say.

Ego  Yet, perks make me smile:

                    Discount theater tickets,

                    Tuesday discounts at Kohl’s, and

                    Less costly health insurance.

Higher Self  The age of choice, one might say.

Ego  One scoop or two; volunteering or working; traveling or being a hermit; smiling or

grousing; acceptance of “what is” or resistance.

              Wakefulness at 2 a.m., 4 a.m.;

Inability to juggle five things at once;


Confusing technology: LOL mean lots of love— What? Lots of laughs?!—OH!

Higher Self  Things are changing, one might say.

It depends on expectations:


  • I won’t go down without a fight
  • Wrinkles,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • “Cheaters,” and
  • Wheelchairs ‘n crutches
  • Heredity gave me world-class survival gene, and
  • See for yourself—I do everything RIGHT: exercise, diet, meditate

Or those of the Cosmos…

  • Impermanence is
  • Recognition of more than acceptance…surrender…gratitude
  • Vision beyond the stories that Ego has constructed throughout life

Ego   I DON’T HAVE TO LOOK, one might say.

Higher Self  Maybe not today, yet one day, permission to

  • Contemplate who I am
  • Recklessly, yet thoroughly, explore myself
  • Expose Ego without a guarded heart
  • Feel relief
  • Give up doing—give in to” being”

Time and space dissolve.

Ego  One might say:  I BETTER LOOK!