death midwife companion

I am your resource when you…

  • Are caring for or supporting a family member who is dying
  • Don’t know or are confused by choices that surround dying and death
  • Want support in specific areas (for example, funeral home consultations) regarding loss, dying, or death
  • Want to prepare for your own journey through dying and death

As a certified death midwife, I help others to better understand the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of loss, dying, and death. I am a liaison between the medical profession and the funeral industry. Although not medically trained, I am knowledgeable about state laws, required legal forms, end-of-life options, after-death body disposition, and home vigils. My intention is not to “fix” or to rescue. I am a holistic, spiritual companion who holds sacred healing space in which to listen and serve. I partner with individuals and families to reclaim dying and death as transparent moments to bond, say goodbye, and support their loved one on the final life journey. Closeness; unique tributes; and precious, unpaced time for honoring allow all to feel loved and safe.  That is true dignity and peace of mind.