By Divine Appointment

In our busyness, we encounter many challenges, some mandatory and others, elective. However, none is as revealing or as life-changing as the exploration of our personal sacredness: the exploration of our soul. Walking this path is neither mandatory nor elective; it is by divine appointment and offers the choice for new awareness, contemplation, and vision. Untouched by the traditional measurements of time, subjective merit, or competitive scores, this journey requires times of committed solitude—a leveled playing field unlike any we’ve ever known.


Often, after the bulk of our earthly experience (somewhere around fifty-five), Source in its immense wisdom, nudges us with time and fills us with questions about our true nature. Deserving, loveable, and qualified in the highest sense of the cosmos, each of us, when we feel moved, can choose to embark on this journey. Our inner knowing will tell us when the time is right. Or, as the old adage states, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”


Yet, this path may not be for everyone—it is a personal decision. Make no mistake, this arduous journey challenges everything we’ve believed to be real; explores the depths of our heart and mind, exposing emotional and potentially painful “stuff”; requires consistent “showing up” in the face of glitzy distractions; and necessitates the surrender of attachments and old habits—without arguments! Truly, we know nothing of this exploration and are not in charge.


Absolute trust in Source is fundamental because there will be moments when we feel like we’re moving two steps forward, only to stumble three steps back; moments when we are completely overwhelmed and want to give up; and moments when we feel that we have been abandoned. A refrigerator magnet verse captures this dilemma: Old age isn’t for sissies! Discovering our truth takes boldness and a willingness to be transparent; the journey to understanding our sacredness is not for the faint of heart.


Yet, taking this journey is highly gratifying and, ultimately, raises the vibration of the overall energy in the universe. It fosters connectivity among us. It is crucial to remember that Source loves and welcomes us, and that our soul is immortal. Our body is safe as we move toward the light of awareness. This exploration is priceless.


What might we encounter when we choose this journey into personal sacredness—who we are? Quiet ah-ha’s. Shocking illusions. Outright resistance. Denial. Forgiveness. Tears. Pieces of our history coming together. Acceptance. Laughter. New appreciation and gratitude. Immeasurable love and compassion. A new way of being. Because this path exists outside of time and space as we understand it, familiar navigation strategies are not effective. Pushing, forcing and striving simply do not work on this path. In fact, it is best to forget any tips, tricks, and workarounds that have been picked up along life’s way. Survival on this path is quite different. This is the way of new understanding, of “being.” It is a way to dissect truth and clarity from stories and illusions. Through perseverance we learn who we truly are.

Experiencing nudges from “out of the blue” and questions where answers are indistinct or seemingly non-existent are signs that it is time to embark. A dedicated space, a commitment to uninterrupted time, and the intention to begin cue the path. The search for our sacredness is always tied to the present moment, where life really happens. Repetitive action completed in a focused way keeps the mind from wandering. Walking, painting, star gazing, gardening, or peeling fruit are practices that help our mind override distractions. Without commotion, there is more space for Source to reside.


Now to the all-important question: Who am I?



Inwardly speaking:  Find some time and space where you can simply “be.” Are you hoping, wishing, or praying for direction? Do the same questions arise, almost haunting you? Do you have a burning desire to know? A divine appointment is calling you.


© 2015 Barbara L. Krause

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