beginning the journey

The me! die? beginning the journey program is about the outward revelations of loss, dying, and death as a natural part of life from an energy perspective. Participants spend time getting to know themselves and sharing with other like-minded individuals in the areas of connections, courage, communications, and spiritual empowerment. Powerful facts, insights, aha’s, and personal challenges are revealed in this safe, confidential, yet casual atmosphere. Without knowing it, participant awareness is gently coaxed and increased.

Completed over four, three-hour sessions, participants are guided by a loosely-structured curriculum that encourages discovery through familiar terms, dialogues and activities. Participants explore how society and culture define and affect loss, dying, and death and realize the roles of personal stories. Dialogues speak aloud concerns about these often-regarded taboo topics to build awareness of living fully in the moment, resulting in less fear, denial, and complacency.

“Dialogues” refers to following threads of thoughtful conversation. One person picks up an idea, adds to it, and another person continues the thought. No one persuades another to think a certain way. No judgment. No scoring points. Everyone wins with authentic comments and focused listening. Beginning the journey is not intended to be a self-help or support group, debate, or venue that has all the answers.

Simply put, the first program is an initial exploration of loss, dying, death, and ultimately, life. It culminates in a ritual. A confidential keepsake workbook offers focus, activities, and reflections; it is a means of documenting changes in personal awareness.

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