becoming light

Becoming light, the third book of the series, highlights narratives that go beyond common understanding and science, narratives that explore the mysterious and the unknown. Merging your increased understanding, trust, and love of both mind and heart, you are transformed into a mature, light-filled, and sage lotus. With nothing to protect or defend, you easily hear words and notes from the higher realms. You continue to be supported by the spiral of consciousness and the light and hope of the sun. You sense the space of your higher Self and that of others. You welcome its wisdom.

The sacred bonds series offers a way to approach topics that are commonly thought about during the time of dying, yet rarely expressed, for example: inner strength, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I call these reflections bridges, as the dying Loved Ones are partially on this plane and, at the same time, approaching the next experience.

Inspired to write bridges during my own mother’s dying, I called her each day and read one to her. Initially, she asked where I got the words; I explained that God gave them to me. She was silent, so I don’t think she believed me. However, the letters of personified words continued to come through me. They may be personalized with the name of the dying Loved One and that of the Reader. Touching hearts, these letters have become a source of comfort and calm for many who have died and for their families.

Unique meditations complete this section. They are unusual because hearing or reading the meditations creates space for an open-ended and highly personal interpretation for the loved one who is dying or for the grieving family member. Know that this private experience is available, with no expectations of being shared. The words from becoming light nurture a loving comfort of not being alone, of being safe, and of being deeply loved. Meaningful bonds support a beautiful, dignified, and profound remergence.