engage without reservation

Oneness is challenging to understand and even more difficult to experience. However, I have witnessed it in several instances. One approach is to slow down, relax, and be in the moment. Then choose an object that appeals to the senses: a favorite flower, the spiral of a conch shell, or the song of a bird.  I set an intention for my energy to merge with that of the object. I ask to feel the oneness between us. Everything around me becomes timeless, and a warmth opens me. I feel my vision, and then body, reaching and merging with the object. I am suspended in oneness. Sadly, the sensation doesn’t last long because my focus changes to wanting the experience to continue, and then the feeling subsides. Yet I am elated to have experienced it for a brief time.

In a similar way, exploring the mystery behind the creative process also holds the promise of oneness. In my case, I clear all distractions and focus on new expressions of communicating. I allow all ideas to come to me as my creativity leads. My environment seems to disappear, and I feel ethereal. Timing and how this unfolds is never pre-determined. Work and rework are part of the process, yet the result is so gratifying.

Although no two creative experiences are the same, even for one individual, creativity connects me to something larger and grander. The scope of the idea does not matter. Thoughts from higher realms feed my heart and mind, and new expressions or ways of seeing are born.

Undisputedly, there are many myths about creativity. This dialogue between ego and higher Self explores ideas about the creative process and may also lead to a greater understanding.

Ego:  Why all this talk about creativity?

Higher Self:  Creativity is a way that everyone can align with a greater energy. The present moment calls, and the person moves effortlessly toward and within it. This is the zone of oneness. Expressing ideas in an original way gives an individual great satisfaction. Beginning with the unknown, something emerges.

Ego:  Sounds like change is involved.

Higher Self:  Yes, of the very best kind.

Ego:  Well, you know I prefer the status quo, structure, and known paradigms. Change makes me nervous; I’m afraid of connecting ideas to create something new. What if the result is criticized or [whisper]…I fail?

Higher Self:  Worrying about the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff) holds you back. It takes you out of the moment. It fills all the little spaces in your brain with doubt and blocks your intuition so that exciting, new thoughts go unnoticed. Don’t force thoughts, let them arrive when they will. This is not about your timing.

Ego:  You mean creative thoughts can come to anyone? It isn’t just a select few who are born with them? Or who have muses? Or who participate in a think tank atmosphere?

Higher Self:  Creativity takes place in the moment at-hand when nature, or anything, really, speaks to you—sounds, shapes, wafting aromas, the weather, a sunset over water, or a riveting conversation. Anything that catches your attention.

Ego:  Well, I like the tried-and-true past. It also gives me a foundation for the future. I think present moment creativity is overrated!

Higher Self:  Let me help you experience creativity. First, slow down and then connect with a greater energy of which you’re a part. Now think of something you’re passionate about: It may be one of the traditional arts or wood carving, decorating, making fishing lures, gardening, or photographing.

Ego:  Okay, I think I’m getting it.

Higher Self:  Right here, right now, let your brain and heart go wild. Let time be of no consequence; creativity often involves work and rework. The process may even take your breath away (for just an instant). Yet the result—the magnum opus—is monumental, if only for yourself, especially for yourself. The feeling is difficult to put into words.

Ego:  I like the “self” part but taking my breath away—I don’t know.

Higher Self:  Your imagination collaborates with mysterious energy to yield something new. What you create may even be good, useful, or unique to the community and beyond—or just for fun. Either way, give thanks and feel the vibrations of the Universe applauding.

Ego:  If creativity will make me the star of my own show where I can get applause and feel good, I may have to try it. Hummm, since I’ve been told that I am already creative, I will begin to nurture this quality by focusing on my favorite flower, the lily. Sensing oneness with its beauty and edibility, maybe I will be inspired to create a beautiful dinner entrée.


Expressions of creativity surround you. Whether in nature or defined from within, know that you can engage without reservation. Feel oneness. Share.

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