appearance or fact?

Higher Self, the inner voice of wisdom in each person, notices that Ego, the inner voice of habit and self-preservation, is aligning with fear based on appearances.

Ego: I just can’t stop thinking about Covid-19. If body contracts the virus, it will be the end of me. I want to live forever!

Higher Self: Everyone has an expiration date.

Ego: It seems like everyone my age who gets the virus, dies!

Higher Self: Sounds like you are identifying with fear based on illusion.

Ego: Well, it seems true to me.

Higher Self: Remember the big teddy bear you played with when you were younger? Some days you played with him only a short time and then plopped him on a chair in your room.

Ego: Yes, those daytime play hours were happy.

Higher Self: Then came bedtime and lights out. Suddenly, your teddy bear became a big, scary monster. You lay there with wide eyes and a vulnerable, pounding heart. You could taste F E A R.

Ego: Ohhhhh, I couldn’t get that monster out of my head. I was certain that something dreadful was going to happen.

Higher Self: Well my friend, that was an example of fear based on illusion or appearance. Moonlight shining through your window played tricks on your mind, creating shadows that deceived you. The monster was not true. It was an illusion you believed was true.

Ego: I was sure that monster in the chair was real and would devour me. But how did you know? Were you there?

Higher Self: Of course, I was there. Remember, I am a voice within body, just like you. Getting back to what you reasoned was a monster…thoughts, feelings, or actions also can be misleading. For example, maybe you thought a negative look was intended for you. Or, you felt a family member was not telling you the truth. Or, you believed that someone was trying to take something of yours, like heirloom jewelry or a favorite memento. You must decide if what you think, feel, or see involves fear based on illusion (appearances) or fear based on truth (fact). They are quite different.

Ego: I think I know the difference between appearances and fact. I’m not stupid!

Higher Self: All I’m saying is that when you are emotionally upset and experiencing an uncertain environment, day after day, it is easy for fears to creep into your mind—illogical fears, ones based on appearances. For example, maybe you read something on FaceBook that mentioned new symptoms of the virus. Suddenly, you felt all those symptoms! Certainly, something dreadful was going to happen. Are your feelings based on appearance or fact?

Ego: I hate to admit that you’re probably right. I guess my fear is based on faulty reasoning, the illusion that what happens to others will happen to me.  So, how do I begin to override fears based on appearance?

Higher Self: Approach your fears, rather than run away from them. When coping with something that you’re worried about based on illusion, recall this simple sentence: Face everything and recover. Face the reality that the virus is part of your environment, that you are not immune to it, and that, currently, there is no vaccine for it. Yet also remember that the virus does not kill everyone who contracts it. These are facts. Although many have died, and it may appear that you are next, this is an illusion. Continuing to follow safe protocol minimizes risk, a way to recover or keep your health and sanity, one moment at a time. Think of fear as an acronym: F.E.A.R. and what each letter represents: Face everything and recover. This is the place to start.

Ego: Well, what comes next?

Higher Self: Think about past situations in your life that you have overcome. This sets your thinking on a positive track. How did the circumstances of the events unfold? Even though you may have thought you were alone in these circumstances, an invisible energy guided you. Trust your connection to an ever-present energy greater than you. Have confidence in scientific research that confirms your body’s amazing capacity to heal. Care for yourself with gentleness and unconditional love.

Ego: I understand that looking at my past can be helpful, but what if old stories haunt me?

Higher Self: Ask whether the old stories, beliefs and values are meaningful to you today. If not, let go of them. Beginning with yourself, heal the emotional hurts of relationships with forgiveness and patience. Honor your truth by turning to understanding, rather than criticism, when faced with conflicting opinions.

Ego: Your suggestions seem challenging, especially when uncertainty is all around me. It is tricky to separate appearances from fact. I don’t usually pay much attention to you, but somehow, after listening to you, I feel soothed. When one is calm, another feels it. I’ll give you that.

From a higher vantage: You can find fear in all circumstances. Knowing if your fear is based on illusion (appearance) or truth (fact) is key. Avoid relying only on your ego for answers. Open to the wisdom of your Higher Self to experience greater calm.

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  1. Barbara, an interesting “conversation” and wise words. Bless you and your Higher Self! May you be happy and healthy!

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