about Barbara

about Barbara

I am an S3, a serious seeker of substance. For over a decade, I have been exploring my purpose and relationship with Source, the name reserved for my higher power. Ideas for my writings, presentations, and healings often come to me as 4 a.m. nudges of next steps. Meditations, contemplation, research, study, and conversations over the last decade have helped me to develop and understand my artistry in the world. In awe of how things unfold, I am deeply grateful for Source, Archangel Metatron, mentors, family, friends, and fellow seekers who have energized, struggled along side of, and influenced me. And the journey continues. I am honored to share a variety of books and services.

A conduit for greater energy as a strong, intuitive voice, I offer words that heal and awaken others. These words inspired a book series, sacred bonds l, ll, and lll, which is designed to meet readers at their current awareness levels and expand their hearts and minds to greater understanding. This series also enhances the experiences of participants in the new me! die™ dialogues program on loss, dying, and death.

The me! die?™ dialogues program and accompanying workbook heal and awaken others by expanding consciousness regarding loss, dying, death, and, ultimately, life. Participant dialogues explore the unknown in terms of the known. The workbook becomes a record of personal growth.

Over the last year, I was humbled, a bit overwhelmed, and very excited to learn that I am a conduit for Source’s healing energy. My mentor, an energy healer of twenty-five years, shared information with me that came to him in a dream. I am thrilled and thankful for his guidance and gratified to witness the difference that healing energy sessions make.

In December 2017, I was led to complete a certification intensive to become a Death Midwife. This designation describes me as the water that flows between the rocks of the medical profession and the funeral industry. I am a non-medical, holistic companion who guides and supports families and their loved ones on their journey toward a gentle and tranquil death. It is important to personalize end-of-life care and to know the choices involved.

A 200-hour, registered yoga teacher (200 RYT), I have developed and taught numerous Hatha yoga classes at a local senior center. During my healing sessions, I incorporate breathing styles and gentle movements to increase client ease and redistribute energy.

Life is precious. Live it fully! First, see Source working in your everyday life and say, Thank you. Next, figure out what really matters in life by being quiet and taking time to go inward to Source. A third point is to accept what comes to you in each moment, without wishing things could be different; they can’t be different because impermanence or change is the constant. Finally, although ego is a colossal storyteller, this aspect of your being will never go away; know that you will forever be engaged in a balancing act between ego and your higher Self. When in doubt, follow your intuition that stems from your heart, guided by your higher Self. These points will be a respite to your suffering, pain, dissatisfaction, and stress.

Other tidbits you might find interesting:

  • I have understood life through telling and writing nonfiction stories for over ten years; the lessons continue.
  • It has been a great joy to shape and ghostwrite three and one-half books over the last seven years.
  • Archangel Metatron (symbolized by the Star of David over the Tree of Life) is imprinted on my soul.
  • Four births taught me about the awe, beauty, and sacrifice of life; about acceptance for what the moment brings; and about the understanding that I am not in control, all important life lessons resulting in less suffering.
  • I enjoy from-scratch cooking; raw desserts are my faves.
  • The loves of my life include my husband, Paul; four adult children and their partners; seven “grands;” and a host of remarkable relatives and friends.