3r toolkit

The me! die? 3r toolkit is a one-stop, comprehensive means to discover, demystify, and organize the masses of information on this topic that are available to you. Like birth, no two deaths are the same. And, the effects of death can be different each time. When you have completed this toolkit, you will have compiled all the information needed by your executor, offering freedom and time to enjoy the fullness of life.

Revelation through dialogues, activities, and reflections has eased and lightened confusion and expectations. An open heart and mind let concepts about loss, dying and death come to you while you are emotionally and physically stable. Your understanding does not feel hurried or at risk.

Absorbing concepts at your own rate supports the release of what has been keeping you from understanding—you have minimized fear, denial, and complacency over loss, dying, and death because you have prepared and reflected on your life. You have pondered the death process as a natural, deeply human, and transforming experience.

You feel safe and wrapped in abundant love. You are ready to engage in peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. You are prepared for remergence. Understanding, serenity, and love are yours as you experience one of the greatest mysteries of life.

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